Google+ is a social network owned by Google. It is relatively new as compared to the other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The number of people using Google+ is increasing day by day but still there is a long way to go when Google+ can become a true rival of Facebook and Twitter.

Customizable interface

Since its launch in June 2011, Google+ has gone through many changes in its interface. The current layout is quite slick, the news feed is customizable and you can also filter your data according to your circles. The images in the feed are displayed in different sizes and videos are played inline so that you don’t have to go to the other page for watching them.

The Google+ has been designed is such a way that all the required information is displayed on the same page asyschronously and you don’t switch to the other page.Like twitter, Google+ also has got hashtags which are equally effective as the on the twitter. On the left side of the screen, a collapsible toolbar is available which remains intact with the page no matter how far down you scroll on the page. This toolbar displays all the current activity of your friends onGoogle+. This toolbar hides automatically when you are not using it.



Cover images can be uploaded on the profile same like the way it happens on Facebook. The cover images can be of different sizes and if you have uploaded a huge image then you will have to scroll up for viewing it. Your profile in Google+ is divided into different tabs which include about, posts, photos, videos and reviews. There is also an option for controlling the visibility of each post. Moreover, you can also change your name easily. You can add each and every detail of your profile by just simple clicks and can also control the visibility of each and every detail.

Google Hangouts

The Google+’s chat or the commonly called Google Hangouts are placed on the right side of the screen and is visible only when you need it and elsewhere it remains hidden. The most disappointing thing regarding the chat is that you can never know that your which friend is online and which one is not. Google+ was the first one to introduce the video calling and later on Facebook followed it.Just like Facebook, you can disable notifications from a specific person or even block them.

Much of the layout of Google+ resembles with Facebook and Twitter and Google has to introduce something innovative and new in the Google+ for attracting more number of users.