In this day and age, there is not a single person who doesn’t have a social media account, especially Instagram. Instagram is a social media application which many people thoroughly enjoy because you can post as many pictures as you can and you get to view as many pictures as you can. However looking at those accounts with a great number of followers, it makes people want to have the same number of followers as well. It is a difficult process to get a great number of followers as soon as you create an account. Organically gaining followers can take a very long time. For some people, gaining followers organically is worth it because they feel like they have achieved something. But, what about those people who want Instagram followers as fast as they can? Introducing Free Instagram Followers- Project Insta.

Project Insta makes sure to give you a great number of followers without you having to pay anything for it. You must be wondering how any company or website can just hand over free followers unless they are spam or automated accounts. Wrong.

You get free followers from Project Insta because Project Insta was once a website which used to sell Instagram likes and followers. However, due to too much competition in the market they had to shut down their business. That left them with a great number of Instagram accounts. The only thing they could do was give them away for free.

Project Insta is actually a very safe and reliable source of getting a great number of followers. They make sure that your account will not get banned which is why they use a 256 bit encrypted private proxy when delivering each and every followers. They deliver followers in such a way so as not to make people become suspicious about how you gained a hundred thousand followers in a day. They  slowly send over the followers each and every day so that it looks more natural. Every follower has a complete profile with a profile picture, a bio and a number of posts. Moreover, what’s even better is that with the free followers you also get free likes! They realise that for an account to get a great number of followers and no likes at all can be suspicious.

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