During these times of instant association and connectivity, people use different tools and applications to keep in touch with their loved ones. Some of these tools and applications include:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. WhatsApp
  4. Emails
  5. Instagram

And many more

Using all of these websites has made it difficult to manage information and data effectively. There are not many tools that can help with managing all of these social networking services, but there is one application tool that can help the users of twitter.

There is a new management tool out in the market that helps people using twitter called Tweepi. Tweepi is a management tool regarding social media and networking services. In this app, you can manage everything related to your twitter account and usages that will increase your productivity and can help you use your account effectively. Some of the important features and functions of Tweepi are:

Unfollow Users: In this feature, Tweepi lists down all of the twitter accounts who you follow, but they in turn do not follow you or make any meaningful contributions towards you. With the help of this feature, you can unfollow such users that can decrease your productivity with Twitter Unfollow Tool.

Follow Users: This feature lets you know the opposite of the above. Instead of people not following you, this lists down those accounts that follow you but you do not follow them in return. This will help you to connect with those people who are there to build valuable relationship and connection with you.

Same Interests Users: This facet lets you know about the people who share same interests and likes such as yourself. This can play a vital role to reach out to people with same perspective and mindset.

Delete: In this specific option, you find about all of the accounts who you are following but do not engage with them in anyway. You can delete these dormant accounts to increase your productivity. This also helps you to find about the people who post irrelevant and boring information on twitter.

There are many more features that help you to increase your effectiveness and efficiency with your time on using your twitter account. Tweepi simply uses your data and analyzes it to make sure what your interest are, what things and people you might want to connect with, it also tracks down your activity or lack of with your followers. To use Tweepi you just have to sign in using your twitter account and the rest will be done by Tweepi. People using Tweepi have given good reviews about it, maybe you should check and judge it yourself.