Along with the other social networking websites, twitter has also become a worldwide choice of many people as it allows the users to tweet and follow the famous personalities.

Social media has become a choice of a number of people for staying connected with their friends and family over the internet. Different social websites have been introduced and used by the people all over the world. The most popular social networking websites that people use are Facebook, Twitter and Google +. It totally depends on the users that which social networking website suits them the most. Twitter is not commonly used among the people because the purpose of the twitter is still not understood properly. Many people think that they do not need to use the twitter ignoring the fact that it has an amazing potential for enlightening the people.

All the people out there are the specialized species and each and every one live a different life having different and unique passion and hobbies. People choose that path for them where they see a distinct collection of the knowledge. But, most of the people like to peek into the mind of others to see what is happening in their life. This is the magic of twitter. It is totally flexible as it plays a part of the skeleton and the users bring it to life. At twitter, people can share anything they want like what they eat for their dinner, what they watch on the TV, etc. But the best part of it is that twitter is a tool that helps in distilling the understanding of the whole world using it into any possible digestible form.

For example, there lives a scientist somewhere in the world and he likes to read and research on different things all day long. He likes to spend his time in researches like most of us don’t. After making research, the scientist filters his reading and chooses the most important ones. He condenses the complicated concepts into simpler form and tweets them. This is the purpose of the twitter.

Another advantage of twitter is that people can follow the famous and right people on it. By following the right people, the common people can see the whole world of movie critics, artists and the entrepreneur. Even if the normal people have something special to say about them, they can make others follow them and learn good things from them. Reading tweets do not make people experts in those specific areas, but helps people to learn more and more about what is happening in the world and in the lives of the people all around the world. The internet gives everyone an instant way of sharing stuff with other. But the characteristics of twitter deliver people with the condensed and pre filtered ready to consume intelligence. Most of the people think that twitter is a useless social networking website where people have nothing to do rather than making tweets about what they are doing, what are they wearing or with whom they are. They must know that twitter is all about leveraging the specialization of the species of the world where even if we choose a different path, we al reach together at the destination of wisdom.