Those who are reading this might be looking for some ways to streamline their content strategy or want to do an effective keyword research. Keywords are an integral part of your content in the world of internet marketing. May be you have written a good and quality content, but if you are not using a right keyword, there are more chances that your efforts will go in vain. So, how to start with keywords research? It all depends on your knowledge about the research tools. In our today’s blog we have listed down some top keyword research tools that can provide you relevant keywords and can boost your content strategy efforts.

Two things to remember!

  1. Make a Regular Keyword Research

If you have a clear understanding about your product and service, you can conduct a better keyword research. You would come up with different keywords related to your niche. It is also important to remain up to data, because as the trends change, the keywords related to your market also change. You have to conduct a regular research to come up with new keywords.

  1. Understand Vocabulary of Your Audience

It’s really important to get an idea why people will search for your website? What exactly they are looking for. You should keep the what, why, where and how of your audience in your mind while searching for related keywords.  Get familiar with your audience!

Keyword Research Tools

  1. Google Adwords Keyword Planner

This keyword planner can assist you in finding new and related keywords. All you need is to sign up for it and you are good to come up with some great ideas for potential keywords. Keep one thing in mind; don’t consider the search volume data of keywords. They are not much reliable.

  1. Yoast Suggests

With Yoast suggest you’ll be able to get the keywords similar to the Google suggestion type of functionality. For example if you will write word like “challenge”, you’ll find keywords related to it like challenge day, challenge diary or other similar words. So, keep trying different words to get the required, yet potential keywords.

  1. Google Trends

Google Trends is a popular way to get on with latest happenings. It allows you to compare the traffic for different sets of keywords. It is more helpful if you are like searching for seasonal keywords or for some popular events and holidays.

  1. Use Your Internal Search Engine

This will let you to find those keywords that people are actually looking for but couldn’t find stuff about. By using WordPress plugin of Google Analytics you can look at the stuff people were expecting.  Your internal search engine is one of the best tools to find relevant keywords.

Refine your SEO strategy by including the tools I have mentioned above in your efforts. The more you are using it, the more effective your results would be. However, what tool are you using for your keyword research? Or do you have any better strategy for keyword research?  Let us know in the comment box below!