This is the digital era where almost all the work is done online with the help of the internet. Talking about CPMs; CPM stands for Cost per 1000 Impressions. The impression is a term to describe the instances the ad appears on a web page. CPM is a form of advertising on the internet. According to different surveys, today a big amount of advertising is done via the internet considering the fact that half of the world’s population are internet users.

cpm advertising campaign

For any online business, traffic acts as the bloodline. With proper marketing skills, you can earn the opportunity to change these leads into sales. DeshMedia, being an advertiser and publisher, offers a unique platform that can help you reach customers across the globe. They are a full-scale company and platform with a global presence. The best thing about DeshMedia is their global Support Centre. This Support Centre program contains languages, payouts, currencies and direct deposits as well.


The selection of an appropriate advertising platform is critical for the success of a marketing campaign. Being an advertiser, you should keep it in mind that you need a platform that reaches out to maximum publishers. Moreover, you should be able to identify as well as analyze your target audience so that you can place the advertisement on sites that are relevant to your products or services. This is where DeshMedia, again, comes to the rescue.

DeshMedia offers advertiser’s tools to help you enhance the conversions and monitor your overall program performance, and that too, in real time. The interface is also very simple so that you can easily perform the checks and balances. DeshMedia is a 100% self-serve mobile advertising platform that has been designed, created, and customized on a timely basis based on the feedback received from the clients.

Unlike other advertisement platforms, DeshMedia pays on a weekly basis with a minimum payout of $5 only. There are no minimum traffic requirements so even if you are a new business, you can use the DeshMedia services. Another benefit of using DeshMedia is that you can target all types of traffic including social networks, mobile phones, emails and others. DeshMedia team will work closely with you and help you with the strategy development and the conversion process as well. Don’t wait, monetize your website now.