YouTube has become one of biggest content search websites on the planet. Over 4 billion youtube videos are viewed everyday. With that many people searching for content, it can be very profitable for content creators to be on top of this global search engine. That’s why you clearly want your videos to be of high quality through topic research and content production. You may think there is a magical tool that will help you outrank other videos, but in 2018 making quality content in it’s self in the number 1 factor to dominate Youtube.

With SEO marketing systems and strategies changing on a regular basis, you can be overwhelmed with the amount of advice out there. And it’s no surprise that ranking high on YouTube has become one of the top searched terms on Google. But before you can produce content for Youtube channel, it’s important to know the niche you’re delving into and even use a Youtube ranking checker to analyze your existing videos or competitors.

Once you’re at the stage of content production, taking the following tips into consideration will help your YouTube rankings enormously in 2018:

Tip #1 Keywords or Tags

When you are uploading your video to Youtube you have the option to upload it under a category that your video is based on or fall under. I recommend you use this as it really helps when your tag matches someone else’s search term. No misleading or excessive tags are encouraged as that could confuse the robot and ultimately decrease your youtube position.

Tip #2 Title

Think of your video’s title as its “headline.” Titles help audiences understand your content, so it’s important to include just the right keywords to describe what your video is about. Before you upload your video to Youtube, ensure that the title of the video is reader-friendly and doesn’t sound like an outlandish clickbait.

Tip #3 Description

Write your video descriptions thoroughly as it relates to the video you just uploaded. You can add links to your website and social media pages along with what your video is about. Remember to place all the keywords that you want to associate with your video in the description. Don’t just list out the keywords but try and make it so they appear in the text as informative as possible.

Tip #4 Thumbnails

Thumbnails are very crucial for higher rankings, especially in this competitive Youtube era. You can hire a designer on Fiverr or Upwork to create thumbnails for your content to help attract more people to click on your videos and consequently boosting your video’s CTR (click through rate) as it is an SEO ranking factor.

Tip #5 Get social

We have all seen how some videos go viral and accumulate massive amounts of views. Sharing your videos on social media can accumulate links from Facebook, Twitter and the like will give your video a boost and even drive up your views. If your video is of high-quality, it will likely get shared more and reach a larger audience.

That’s it,

If you have any other Youtube tips as a creator, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comment section below.

This post was compiled with the assistance of Yassine – a web marketer and copywriter who has enjoyed a career in digital marketing and entreprenrship. The senior author of seotopwriter loves to help small businesses grow their local and global presence. He believes there is a place for everyone to contribute value and grow a faithful community if they just take the first step. “The rest will be history” he says.