Both Motorola and Samsung are known for good quality handsets although Samsung is expected to take the lion’s share of the market in 2013. Can the Motoluxe stand up to the Omnia i900 when the two are compared? The two handsets are very similar in size and weight, with just 1 gram separating the two. Both feature a number of ports around the sides of the handset including the headphone port and the microUSB and a couple of physical buttons, but both are touchscreen for most of the functions of the handset.

Operating Systems

The Motoluxe has been given an Android operating system which is a good start as this is one of the most popular. The Samsung handset has opted for a Windows operating system. This is a good operating system and will be able to carry out the same tasks as the Motorola handset so it will come down to personal preference. Apps are available for both phones and can be downloaded at the touch of a button.


Battery life on the Motoluxe is reasonably good with 384 hours of standby time and nearly 8 hours of talk time. A heavy user will need to be prepared to recharge the battery every day. The Samsung Omnia i900 has 430 hours of standby time with up to 10 hours of talk time so the user can get a little more from it, but will still need to be ready to recharge.


Internal memory on the Motorola handset is just 512 MB but this can be expanded with the help of a microSD card. The Samsung does far better with internal memory at 8 GB and this can also be expanded. How much memory is needed will depend on what the phone is to be used for. If the aim is to use the handset as an MP3 player then the more memory there is the better.


The Motorola camera has 8 megapixels and all the extras that you would expect including a flash, video recording and a front facing camera. The Samsung has a camera with 5 megapixels which sounds as though it is not as good as the other but it will still take a perfectly good photograph and it has all the same features as the Motorola. Apps can be added to the phones to make the most of the camera and uploading to email or social networking sites is easy from both phones.

Internet Use

Connectivity options come in the form of standard such as 3G and Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth and these are also available on the Samsung. Both phones are touchscreens of a reasonable size so surfing the internet is easy and viewing is good on the screens, which ensure sharp colours and clear images.

Decision Time

Motorola is just bouncing back into the mobile phone world after getting left behind when it came to smartphone technology and at the moment Samsung is way ahead, but the Motoluxe has a number of good features that will not leave the average user disappointed.