Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift for Mom can be difficult. If you want to make this year a special one, consider getting her a new phone from AT&T. Every mom could use a new phone, whether she’s shuffling kids from soccer to ballet to birthday parties or trying to keep in touch with children who have moved away. These are 5 AT&T cell phones that could be the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

1. Apple iPhone 5

If you’re going to get her a nice gift, follow the biggest gift-giving trend this year and get her the newest iPhone. If she’s never had a smartphone before, this may not be the best one to start her off with, as it does take some getting used to, but if she’s a fan of Apple, you can’t go wrong with this. Moms love keeping up with the trends and knowing how to use the technology their kids are using.


2. Pantech Discover

An excellent mid-range phone, the Discover is simpler to use than the iPhone, so if Mom’s a little bit technologically impaired, this is the way to go. The phone looks great, so Mom can stay in style, but it has excellent features as well. One big draw is its excellent camera, a 12.6-megapixel beauty. Moms love to take pictures of their kids, and this way she won’t have to run into her bedroom to dig out the digital camera when she’s got the perfect shot. Just aim and click with the phone.


3. Samsung Galaxy S3

The S3 is another high-end phone that is sure to please any mother. It’s comfortable to hold and therefore easy to use while multitasking. Speaking of multitasking, moms on the go will find the S Voice option invaluable. With it, they can make notes to themselves, dictate text messages, and even snooze their alarm just by saying “snooze.” Using your phone to manage a busy life has never been this easy.


4. Samsung Galaxy Note II

How is the Note II different from the S3? The main difference is the size. The Note II is a much larger phone, so much so that it’s been dubbed a “phablet,” a sort of phone-tablet combination. If Mom is considering getting a phone or a tablet and can’t decide which, solve her dilemma and give it to her all rolled into one. It’s one of the most powerful mobile devices on the market, so she can effortlessly watch video, play streaming music in the car, and install games for the kids to play when they’re bored.


5. HTC One X+

This high-quality smartphone delivers all the quality performance of the iPhone for half the price. This has everything Mom could ever need, including a great camera, fast processing speed, and a huge variety of third party apps for anything she may want to do. Music and videos play smoothly, and there’s plenty of space to store all the kids’ favorites.


Any one of these smartphones is sure to be a Mother’s Day gift Mom will never forget. It’s the perfect way to show your appreciation and give her something she’ll really enjoy.

About Author: Freelance writer Jason Fields is currently looking for the right smartphone to buy. He is interested in something with a bigger screen and yet lightweight. Click here to see what at&t cell phones are on sale and leave your recommendation in the comment section below.