iPhones are the devices of the elite and cater to users who are ready to spend something extra to get the best features in their mobile phones. But this does not mean that there will never be an issue with your device. iPhones are still susceptible to several problems but the good thing is that most of them can be addressed if you have the knowledge of the operating system and devices. For the more complex ones, you can avail professional expertise. Let us highlight some common issues that iPhone users may come across with their devices.

Frozen screen

A common yet irritating issue that a majority of users may have experienced once or more is frozen screen. Usually, it can be addressed easily with either of two simple measures. Firstly, you can try powering off the device and turning it on back again. The other method is to hard reset the phone by holding down the sleep/wake button and the home button simultaneously.

Inability to connect with the WiFi

Sometimes, iPhone users are unable to connect with the WiFi. All that you need to do is to restart the device by simultaneously holding down the home button and lock button. After the phone gets restarted, you will probably be able to reconnect with the WiFi. In case you are still unable to do so, access the WiFi icon in Settings and choose the network that you want to connect with. Scroll to the bottom and they set the HTTP Proxy to auto for connecting.

Battery is not charging

If the phone battery fails to charge even after being plugged, you can expect some trouble. The first step is to find the cause of the issue; Payette Forward explains why an iPhone won’t charge. If the reasons are simple such as dust coated on the charging port or the charging cable not working properly, you can probably resolve them yourself. You can try a restart or factory reset as well. Still, if the issue is unresolved, you will need to show the device to a professional.

Rapid battery drain

One of the biggest nightmares of a phone user is the battery dying down rapidly because this may mean that your device may not be working when you need it the most. Despite the gravity of the issue, it is easy to resolve by simply turning off the resource-intensive apps or the ones that are not in regular use. Just access the settings and turn off the redundant apps. Better still, you can even consider uninstalling them to free up your iPhone storage.

Device running slow

A slow-running device can be quite a pain in the neck and this is something that you would not definitely expect from a high-end phone like iPhone. But such things do happen and you should know how to handle them. Deleting apps that are not in use is helpful.  Similarly, you can try clearing the cache and turning off the background app refreshing.

All these problems are easy to prevent and address if you know the right way. However, you need to rush to an expert if these measures do not seem to help. Keeping an eye on these common issues and handling them properly prolongs the life and performance of your device.