That’s the message from Apple AAPL, +0.62%  in its most recent “Why Switch” ad, which taps into the public’s fear of getting sliced. The video undoubtedly reverberates, allowing for its rise to the top of YouTube’s trending list during the night.

Apple initiated the “Life is easier on iPhone” campaign earlier this month with related ads spotlighting on music, privacy and photos. The company also modernized its page to supportted Android users to leaped ship, something that has become a meeting point for Apple amid some disappointing sales results for the iPhone.

In a further ad from the latest batch, Apple swanks of better presentation:

On Monday, Apple unconfined three innovative adverts on YouTube, on the back of five preceding week. (We first saw them on 9to5Mac, and you can observe them underneath.) They’re short, about 15 seconds a pop, and each focuses on a single issue: safety, routine, speed, or removal of photos.

The overruling message is the same: You get a enhanced practice on an iPhone, and it’s trouble-free to switch platforms.


They won’t run on television but appear well-suited as pre-roll ads that pop up prior to videos on YouTube and further social media sites.

Apple also has another weapon in this attack. On May 22, it started a dedicated website that aspires to influence people to switch. It responds questions they might have — “Will it be simple to switch to iPhone?” “Will iPhone be effortless to use?” — and finishes with a link to purchase an iPhone.

“There’s no necessitate to put aside your stuff somewhere else before controlling from Android,” Apple informs the budding customer. “Just download the budge to iOS app from the Google Play Store, and it firmly relocate your content for you. That means things similar to your photos, videos, contacts, calendars, mail accounts, message history, as well as free apps — together with Google Apps. And you can do business in your old smartphone, if suitable, for credit toward your new iPhone.”

Apple has been annoying to encourage Android users to control to using an iPhone for a long while at the moment, but previous week the Cupertino firm upped the ante and launched its ‘Switch’ website, which plans to emphasize an iPhone’s many virtues.

Apple has now three apps in the Google Play Store for Android apps: Apple Music, a Beats Pill app to go with its speaker of the similar name, and an app that shifts a user’s data to iOS. That app launched in 2015 and even proposes users reprocess their Android phones at an Apple Store once they’re done.

If you’re speculating why Apple is so forcefully going after its contestants user base, it’s because it wants to. As the markets of chief smartphones mature, attracting “switchers” is gradually more significant for Apple to produce.

CEO Tim Cook repeatedly brings up “switchers” on quarterly earnings calls with shareholders as proof of how well the company is doing. Earlier this month, Cook said Apple “saw the major unconditional number of switchers outer surface of superior China that we’ve ever noticed in the equal period,” according to MacRumors.


Apple is definite hoping these ads do the swindle, considering as the number of people touching over from challenger mobile working systems is expected to sluggish down in the future year, according to a recent survey by Morgan Stanley.