The iPhone 5 will soon be available officially in Argentina, thanks to Apple begin to assemble in Tierra del Fuego, which will be sold in the region.

The geeks and Apple mobile devices in Argentina may be held, and will soon begin to be marketed the latest white apple terminal in the country, as two weight sources confirm that Apple will join the iPhone 5 in Argentina, in order to meet the regulations of the country and to sell this smartphone in its territory.

According to our colleagues at Gizmodo report, the iPhone 5 will be assembled in Argentina, as expected, in Tierra del Fuego.

According to Engaged sources, Brightstar will be responsible for the logistics of this process, a company that many Argentines remember to be responsible for carrying one million BlackBerry phones Z10 the country. In addition, the company will ensure that NewSan responsible for the importation of the parts needed to give life to the iPhone 5 in Argentina.

Until now it was not possible to get the iPhone 5 officially in Argentina due to new laws, aiming at increasing domestic production on the import of mobile devices requires that smartphones sales in the country are assembled within the country.

Finally, sooner than later this mobile will be available for purchase in the Latin American country with official prices, and Apple and joins those manufacturers that have had to opt for this option to be able to market their products in Argentine territory, after making a couple of months began to sell the iPad Mini in the country.