iOS 10.3

Apple authoritatively released  iOS 10.3 a few days back, which contains a number of new skin tone and bug fixes. Nevertheless, there is one unambiguous bug fix in iOS 10.3 that is enormously decisive. Before iOS 10.3 was unconfined, the bug was so awkward that it utterly jammed 9-1-1 emergency call centers.

Last October, an adolescent hacker figured out how to trick some iPhones into calling 911 repeatedly, racking up thousands of bogus calls. That assault took place months ago, But apple updated his iOS 10.3  not to face this difficulty again. Meetkumar Hiteshbhai Desai 18-year-old  an app developer did this with tapping a link and it dialed 911 repeatedly.


But once the call was ongoing and the user hung up the phone, the phone would mechanically dial it back again — the only way to rupture the shackle was to put down the lid the phone off utterly. Android phones weren’t pretentious by this issue. If you tapped the link while using Android or on the web, you’d instead get aimed at to a site that plainly said “LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.”

The convey up to date it seems that solves that predicament by now requiring users to corroborate though a without delay that they’d in point of fact like to place a call, while there were select situations prior to where that punctual could be bypassed. The Journal also notes that Apple has been functioning with app developers to make certain that the susceptibility can’t be subjugated all the way through third-party apps.