Apple iPhone 5 looks highly promising based on the first look. With a full-fledged camera, Retina display, and the latest iOS 6 version, iPhone 5 is the phone to buy in the coming days. Here is a review of Apple iPhone 5

 The Main Features

 Basic technical specifications of iPhone 5 are as follows…

Display 4 inch Retina Display 1136 x 640px resolution;  326 ppi
Dimensions 4.87×2.31×0.3 inches; 112 g
Battery Li-Polymer -1440 mAh; Talk time up to 8 hours on 4G; regular use for about 10 hours
Camera 8 MP iSight; video recording in HD 1080p format; FaceTime at 720p
Memory 1 GB RAM; 16/32/64 GB internal storage

iPhone Build

Touted as the thinnest of all phones out there, iPhone 5 is pretty thin. The weight is also negligibly small as compared to iPhone 4S. The phone is pretty portable due to its thin dimensions. The phone is built using aluminum and glass making it sturdier than plastic smartphones out there. The 4 inch LCD IPS display makes the iPhone longer than the 4S and 4 versions.

The keys on iPhone 5 are similar to iPhone 4S and the position has not been changed much. Headphone jack is at the bottom of the phone instead of at the top as in iPhone 4S. Speakers are redesigned to resemble the original iPhone of 2007.

Display Characteristics

4 inch long iPhone display is the longest of all iPhones. And it uses the Retina display technology giving maximum ppi (pixel per inch) ratio. The Retina display is used also in the fourth generation iPad and previous iPhone 4S. With the larger display, placing icons and widgets on the phone is more convenient now.

Color reproduction of the LCD IPS technology used in the display is much better than that in AMOLED and other similar technologies. Also, with a 16:9 orientation, gaming is pretty amazing on this smartphone.


Saving a smartphone’s battery is pretty difficult these days. Most of the phones do not support continuous usage more than a day. Since the second version of iPhone, Apple has been struggling to build a long-lasting battery, although Android is even worse in this area. iOS 6 is less power-thirsty than the previous version, and coupled with a larger battery in iPhone 5, it gives slightly noticeable improvement in battery power.

On the quad-core processor and larger display, the slight improvement of the battery is very noticeable indeed.


Apple iPhone 5 runs Apple A6X chip based on ARM Cortex architecture (a processor design used on tablets and smartphones). This gives the smartphone extreme performance. In comparison to other products like iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S3, iPhone fares pretty high on performance. Launching apps and games is faster even while several other apps are working in the background. Games like GTA3 and office apps like iLife and iWork run hand-in-hand on this phone without any issues.

Audio quality is also much improved due to advanced speakers and the new earpods that are supplied with the iPhone.

Network Connection

iPhone 5 supports 4G LTE technology and will give amazing speeds on proper 4G LTE networks. Maximum speed on Wi-Fi networks as predicted by Apple is about 150 mbps although this is only theoretical. However, based on the current standards, these numbers are quite extraordinary.


Front-facing camera that uses FaceTime communications is 1.2 MP and can record videos at 720p HD. The main rear camera has 8 MP resolution and is known as iSight. It can record videos at 1080p HD format. The main camera is more advanced and can detect up to 10 faces and take pictures in a faster rate.


Other Features

Apple has a new connector with iPhone 5 known as Lightning connector. This connector will replace the existing 30 pin Apple connector. If you have any accessories that work with 30 pin connectors, you have to use an adaptor to convert lightning to 30 pin from Apple.

Another issue with iPhone 5 is that it may get hot faster. Many users have complained to Apple that the phone gets hot on heavy usage faster than the competing devices.


Based on the statistics and features, iPhone 5 is highly successful and a much better upgrade to iPhone 4S. The improvements in processing power, display, and the operating system are noticeable in this device. The competition is great for iPhone 5, and already iPhone 5 has become one of the top sellers in mobile market.