Apple's iPhone 14 Plus has been on sale for just one week and according to industry reports, Apple’s much-anticipated iPhone 14 Plus release isn't going as planned!

The iPhone 14 Plus was released on 7 October, three weeks after the rest of the iPhone 14 range. It’s expected to be the most popular device in this lineup because it offers more than regular models. Although many were excited about the new phone, it appears as though Apple’s newest product failed to meet expectations.

According to a report from Digitimes, the iPhone 14 Plus has been selling less than expected and following in the footsteps of the iPhone 14 with “lower than expected” demand. Apple may have to reduce stock levels and cut back component orders as soon as possible because of the lower demand for iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus.


Accorind to report in September, where Ming-Chi Kuo claimed the preorder levels of iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 were “bad” with lower demand than previous models such as last years third generation SE phone or even just its predecessor 13 Mini! Apple has replaced last years 5.4 inches Mini with their new 6.7 inches iPhone 14 Plus this year, due to low sales of last’s years model.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo
Picture Credit: Apple

iPhone 14 Pro and Max models are selling better than expected surpassing last year’s iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, which is good news for Apple’s overall sales. However, Kuo argues that their product segmentation strategy for standard iPhone models doesn’t work this year.

This move by Apple to withhold performance, design and camera improvements from standard models comes as no surprise. It’s a rare tactical misstep for Apple after it gambled on widening its Pro-related features this year with withheld benefits that are available only in higher-end iPhone devices.

It’s not surprising that Apple misjudged the market, but they’re already correcting their course. The first iPhone 15 leaks claim an updated design for all iPhone models in 2023 with some controversial gaps remaining.