It was a gigantic week for Apple: the company’s iPhone formally turned 10 years old.

On June 29 Apple renowned the 10th anniversary of the innovative iPhone. The phone, which misrepresented the world in significant ways and carries on to be a prevailing force in the mobile world, was first exposed in January 2007. It conveyed a innovative design thought, alluring software, and a touchscreen that made people overlook regarding the physical keyboard. It too conducted in a new invention of smartphone and software plan.

While Apple‘s (AAPL, +0.71%) iPhone anniversary proscribed much of the week, it wasn’t the merely Apple story to create news. Apple and Hertz, for example, signed a self-driving car deal. And Apple CEO Tim Cook once more sounded off on the significance of India to his company’s broader objectives.

The GST rollout collision has seen Appleofficially cut prices of the iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, and iPhone SE in India. These three models are scheduled on the Apple India website, although Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S are still being advertised in the market as well.

In terms of the post-GST price cut, Apple iPhone 7 Plus currently establishes at Rs 67,300 for 32GB, whereas the 128GB version is charged at Rs 76,200 and the highest 256GB edition is valued Rs 85,400. The iPhone 7 is costed at Rs 56,200 for 32GB, Rs 65,200 for 128GB edition, and the 256GB description is priced at Rs 74,400. So is this the correct time to purchase an iPhone? We give details based on the online pricing.

Apple iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus Post GST price, and online price on Flipkart, Amazon  

As we’ve observed, iPhone 7 series has got a minor cost cut in the administrator tag. The iPhone 7 begins at Rs 56,200 for the 32GB at this time, going up all the way to Rs 74,400, at the same time as the iPhone 7 Plus is opening at Rs 67,300 and going up to Rs 85,400. Whereas these are the executive prices, the Apple iPhone 7 has been dealing at a prickly reduction on Flipkart for a little bit now.

If you’ve been bearing in mind the iPhone 7 as a obtain choice, the 32GB edition is obtainable at Rs 47,699, which is a markdown of 20 per cent, though this is for the reason that Flipkart hasn’t rationalized the official price and still records it at Rs 60,000.

1: Apple‘s iPhone renowned its 10th anniversary this week. And even though the company didn’t have a huge celebration, the Internet was snowed under with looks back at the inventive iPhone, what it presented, and what it meant to the mobile and expertise industries as a whole. Fortune had quite a lot of iPhone anniversary skin tones, together with a association amid today’s iPhone and the iPhone of 2007. There was also a gaze at the iPhone’s best and worst predictions over the years, and an eye on which iPhone was “best for investors.” And if you’re speculating  what the opportunity might hold for the subsequently iPhonethere’s this look at some of the top rumors.

2: Ever doubted whether buying an iPhone on June 29, 2007 or spending in Apple stock that day would have been a enhanced investment? Fortune scrutinized which move would have been best for your wallet.

3: The week kicked off through a innovative look at Apple Park, the iPhone maker’s new-fangled control center. Documentarian Duncan Sinfeld made available a new video detained from his buzz as it flew all over the site. The video pursues the fixing of trees in the region of the foremost building, as well as some augmentations to the Steve Jobs Theater. It’s worth checking out.

4: This week, Apple CEO Tim Cook advertized his company’s pains in India, saying that it has helped create 740,000 jobs in the country during the so-called “app economy.” Cook added that he campaigns to have Apple‘s Indian amenities operating with completely renewable power in the subsequently six months. The remarks were part of a broader thrust by Cook to fortify Apple‘s association through India as it seems to mark the country’s increasing buyer base.

5: Apple is associating through Hertz to check its self-driving car expertise, according to a statement. Apple will install its autonomous car technology in six of Hertz’s vehicles. Nevertheless, Hertz (HTZ, +0.70%) and Apple are merely trying the expertise and won’t permit the hiring company’s customers endeavor out the vehicles on the open road.

One further thing… Concerned in looking back at a few of the nastiest AppleiPhone rumors over the precedent 10 years? You won’t believe how bad they are. And yes, a Sprint-exclusive iPhone was in fact drifted.