Apple detailed remarkable income and revenue development in its just-completed financial third quarter, serving send its share up 5% in morning dealing on Wednesday.

But the majority Wall Street analysts were further focused on the bread scraps Apple offered about expectations for its subsequently line of iPhones probabled to be proclaimed in September. And on that score, the news was very excellent certainly. Apple said it likely to pull in as much as $52 billion of sales for the forthcoming quarter, well in front of Wall Street’s $49 billion standard estimate from prior to the wages declaration.

Morgan Stanley forecaster Katy Huberty pointed to the brawny proceeds forecast and what she phrased confident-sounding comments by Apple executives. “Strong consequences and leadership plain the lane for AAPL splits to smash in the early innings of an iPhone supercycle,” Huberty wrote.

Longtime Apple admirer Toni Sacconaghi at Bernstein Research was a tad further vigilant. By his read, reorganized fundamental models, what he calls the iPhone 7S line, will be obtainable on time in September. But he provided merely a 10% possibility that Apple will have sufficient stock on hand to get together requirement for a whispered new highly-desirable, high-end model, possibly called the iPhone 8, at a higher price. He observes a 50% possibility that the high end replica won’t attain clients at all pending October or afterward and a 40% chance of “limited quantities” in September. Gossips of a possible delay have been originating from Apple’s Asian providing sequence for months.

“Apple’s Q3 consequences were strapping and broad-based, mainly since they approached on the eve of Apple’s potentially major iPhone beginning in years, and at the start of innovative software contributions,” Sacconaghi wrote. “That said, we didn’t be taught greatly regarding the iPhone 8 and its timing–other than the iPhone business itself is stronger going into the series that most had consideration, and that original contributions won’t all be significantly belated.”

A 3D render of a modern generic smart phone screen emanating small pixels at random that build up to form and illuminate the word Augmented Reality

Such holdups for a higher end model, probable by an OLED display, won’t harm Apple much, according to J.P. Morgan psychotherapist Rod Hall, who also barbed to Apple’s burly income leadership. Many clients will crack up latest LCD-screen replicas as other stay for the OLED model to turn up.

The breach in inclusive phone sales amid Apple and Huawei is slighter than ever.

Apple, the world’s second major phone seller by quantity, sold 41 million iPhones in the second quarter. Huawei, the No. 3 global phone product appreciation to its reputation in China and Europe, sold 38.5 million phones throughout the identical period, according to Counterpoint Research.

Huawei’s numbers are upbeat 20 percent from the similar quarter preceding year, while Apple’s year-on-year enlargement was just 2 percent. Of course, the Cupertino, California-based company has little to be anxious about. Though it sells fewer phones than Samsung, and may ultimately go down following Huawei, it has forever pinnacled profit share. In 2016, Apple had now under 80 percent of all smartphone profits.

“Apple is the most gainful smartphone product on the earth by highest brand fairness, Nevertheless, it is in a mystery,” Counterpoint’s Neil Shah told CNET. Apple is trailing ground in China, while products similar to Huawei and Oppo are flattering additional admired than ever. “Apple has been trailing revenues in China since [the 2014] iPhone 6/6Plus launch, which was the climax for Apple in China,” he added.

Oppo and Xiaomi, two further Chinese phone colossals, also raised significantly. The former advertised 30.5 million phones in the second quarter, a 33 percent increase, whilst the latter’s 23.3 million was a 60 percent augment over the preceding year. Samsung is still king though, through a giant 80.4 million in phone sales. LG, its South Korean contestant, advertised 13.3 million phones, 600,000 less than it sold in the same quarter preceding year.

The incredible achievement of the iPhone over the past decade has made Apple the second-biggest smartphone manufacturer in the planet — but it might not grip that situation everlastingly.

While Apple’s sales have continued comparatively flat year-on-year, Chinese handset makers’ augmentation is rolling, new data shows, through Huawei at the moment intimidating to depose Apple.

Research firm Canalys has put out a new report showing that Apple’s sales produced by just 2% in the next quarter of 2017 evaluated to an year before.

But Huawei skipped by a full 20% — selling 38 million plans, inside accomplishment detachment of Apple’s 41 million.

As you can see in the graph underneath, Samsung (79 million) also didn’t observe a lot expansion, whilst further Asian compacts like Oppo and Xiaomi rushed, by 44% and 52% correspondingly.


Strategy Analytics also published data this week that supports through Canalys’ statement. (Its numbers are somewhat dissimilar — it places overall consignments as up 5.5% year-on-year, for example — but in general drifts are the same.) So is Apple about to be deprived of its silver award? That partially depends on a confusing  issue: The iPhone 8.