Apple earphones have truly had a historical reputation for releasing sound and sitting uncomfortably in the ear. But it’s most recent Ear Pods have a host of tips and tricks that can change the opinion of the accessory. We will now uncover few ways in which the microphone button in the earphones can control music, camera and calls.

Also, the tricks are incorporated dominantly with the most recent Apple iOS 8 meaning they additionally work with different ranges that are fitted with comparable button controls and microphones. The tips are taken from Apple’s Ear Pods user manual.
A portion of the tricks are generally known by the people, for example, utilizing the ear phone during hands free calls and pressing the button to stop and begin music. Many in the list are more obscure. For instance, when the camera is opened – either by opening the cell phone, or swiping up from the lock screen – the volume button go about as a remote.

Selfies and music:

Selfies can be taken from a distance, for instance or cell phones can be put closer to objects than the zoom allows. In addition to the play and stop feature, the center button will skip forward a tune when clicked twice. Clicking the button three times in fast progression skips back a track, while pressing the button twice and holding it down fast forwards through the melody. To rewind, click the button three times rapidly and hold it down.

Answer the call:

To answer or end the call press the center button and too at the end of the conversation. And if another call comes in with someone else on the line, iPhone user can switch to the new call and put the current one on hold by pressing the center button. To return to the first call, press the center button again. To end the first call and answer the second, hold the center button down for two seconds.

The Ear Pods With Your Mac:

Apple Ear Pod isn’t just restricted to use with iPhones and iPods. Plug them into your Mac and not just will you have the capacity to utilize them as typical headphones, yet the Play/Pause and volume control buttons will work with both QuickTime player and iTunes. It’s really cool that Apple’s incorporated this functionality with OS X – and with OS X 10.10 Yosemite that gives you a chance to send cell phone calls to your Mac, its likely that the Ear Pod’s remote answer features could be stretched out to a Mac desktop near you.These tips will work on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It goes almost without saying, however, that call-related tips are only applicable to the iPhone.