The saved password for the Wi-Fi network you’re trying to access can now be found in your settings. Here’s how!

iOS 16 is out now and it includes a ton of new features you’ll want to try. One feature we’ve all been waiting for: being able view passwords that have been saved on any Wi-Fi network ever connected, as well as share those login details with other devices!

iOS 16 finally gives us the option to view Wi-Fi passwords. This is great because before, you could only share your network but not see what was password protected on it! The new feature means that all kinds of devices are now able enjoy connectivity through other people’s networks without any hassle – so long as one person has access details at hand.

Thankfully, this latest iOS 16 feature lets you easily go into your settings and find a saved Wi-Fi network to view the password. You can then copy this password share it with others through message or email. Here’s how.

Saved Wi-Fi passwords: How to view them on new iOS 16?

To get started, make sure you have either connected to the Wi-Fi network or been able connect in previous sessions and are near enough for it show up on your iOS 16 settings app. If you meet all these requirement then launch Settings on your iPhone with iOS 16 and follow the steps:

  1. Go to Wi-Fi.
  2. To search for the Wi-Fi network you want, tap on your phone’s blue information icon next to its network name.
  3. To access your password, tap on “Password” and use Face ID, Touch ID or enter passcode to proceed
  4. When you’re finished, hit Copy to save the password in your clipboard.
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With a tap of your finger, you can now share any Wi-Fi passwords with anyone. Simply copy and paste it into an instant message or email to get started!