Apple is introducing a game-changing security measure with its upcoming iOS 16.3 update! Now, your iPhone can more effectively safeguard itself from intruders through the widespread use of encryption keys – an industry milestone Apple previously confirmed in their announcement.

With the launch of iOS 16.3, you can now strengthen your Apple ID and iCloud security with a physical key like Yubico‘s YubiKey! This additional layer of protection is sure to give you peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding your digital identity.

9to5Mac has reported that a new feature is now available to make setting up your iPhone easier than ever! If you authenticate once using the device-to-device process, you won’t have to go through authentication again when transferring data onto another iPhone.

Reasons to use Security Keys

iOS 16.3 offers an exciting new way to protect your iPhone: security keys! Instead of relying on passcodes sent via text or email when logging into another device with iOS 16.3, now you can use hardware-based authentication that keeps intruders out while ensuring secure integration every time.

Security keys are a powerful way to protect your online accounts with an extra layer of security. Instead of relying solely on passwords, two-factor authentication uses additional factors such as hardware tokens or biometric readers like Face ID and Touch ID for verification.

The FIDO Alliance, an international group of tech giants including Apple, seeks to revolutionize our digital security with two-factor authentication using security keys and the eventual elimination of passwords.

Security keys offer one of the safest forms of account authentication. By providing physical protection against malicious adversaries and granting users peace-of-mind to securely log into their accounts. Despite its numerous advantages, it still faces the challenge of gaining public trust and comprehension.

Jake Moore – Global Cybersecurity Advisor at ESET

security key protection can make all the difference, especially with the increasingly sophisticated methods employed by cybercriminals, it is becoming significantly difficult to ensure confidential communication – particularly for those in high-profile or prominent positions such as journalists and politicians.

Adding Security Keys in iOS 16.3

  • Steps to Follow: Go to Settings > Password & Security > Add Security Keys & Follow the Prompts

With iOS 16.3, Apple has further taken steps to ensure its users’ security and privacy with Advanced Data Protection which was previously launched in iOS 16.2. This enhanced end-to-end encryption extends across several iCloud categories including Backup, Photos and Notes!

Ready to upgrade your iPhone? The second Beta version of iOS 16.3 was launched in mid-December, but its release date might have been pushed back due to the holiday season. This is why iOS 16.3 is likely to arrive sometime between late February and early March, so stay tuned for updates.