All the rumors and leaks about an operating system for Apple’s mobile devices as iOS 7 are here. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple has unveiled the new iOS operating system with new impressionists especially in design, and the inclusion of new features that will make us think ourselves to do the jailbreak or not to our iPad.

As was rumored, now have a much flatter design than what we had before, but without losing any stability and functionality that Apple has accustomed us. We are struck on sight, a new source for all content much thinner and lighter than the one with iOS6 and earlier, as well as three-dimensional funds will move as if the screen was in 3D.


Control Center

Inherited from Cydia tweaks for the iPhone and the iPad, now we on iOS July 1 new control center or Control Center, where we have available a kind of SB Settings with the ability to enable connections from our iPad as how plane, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, screen rotation, brightness control our iPad, music and volume control, airdrop, airplay, flashlight, timer, calculator and camera.


A lot of shortcuts, that normally as we say many of us have to resort to Jailbreak in order to customize these shortcuts in our devices and now bring iOS 7 natively. An option to avoid having to perform this jailbreak our iPad and keep it updated to the latest version of iOS.


Multitasking is for all applications and icons now show as it did before, but we will see open applications in the background on windows, to remember where we were in each of the applications and games. This has also been sued by Jailbreak enthusiasts, who utilize tweaks to have this improvement will now natively in iOS 7.


Thus, each of the applications and games that we open, we can see a screenshot of them to see if we really want to close this implementation of multitasking. In addition to close, we just need to slide the new screen to the top and so will close.


The browser for mobile devices Safari takes a new looks with design changes throughout its implementation. URL bar now takes a new location remains more focused and more cleanly. We will also have full screen navigation that will allow us take much more the size of our screens.


One of the new features will open new pages display as we have seen in the previous image, giving a new look and enabling the user to search for the websites you have open in your browser, Safari.


The new AirDrop feature for mobile devices, we will share what we come up with anyone who has AirDrop and be near us. So we can send a picture to anyone who has it on and you will get a notification to receive this document and authorized. Once authorized, you will receive it very fast on your device. These files or data will be encrypted and cannot be captured by anyone to be the recipient.


This sharing feature through AirDrop will only be compatible with the latest version of iPad, the fourth-generation iPad and iPad can do with another 4 with the iPhone 5, iPad Mini or 5th-generation iPod Touch.


The images now can be grouped or organized into collections, so it will be much easier to have access to each of them, because in the end we have thousands of images on our iPad or iPhone and now our machine so automatic by fascists or places even we can make this arrangement for years, so discard the images that do not interest us.


If you click on any collection, we will do a preview of each of the images, and once you have the image selected, you will have the option to edit the image, apply filters, save or share with friends via iCloud, social networks, and AirDrop email or through a very simple and intuitive.

The options when taking photos are: photography, video, and photos in a square pan and then we can edit as we have said and apply filters to your images to improve them.


Siri also been renewed in iOS 7, incorporating new features to the service but what caught our attention is the integration with the vehicles to have Siri on our car. From now on it will be possible to watch videos, make calls, put the song that we like, show received messages or use the browser of your iPhone to guide us.


You can also adjust the brightness of your device; activate the Bluetooth, search on twitter and Wikipedia, plus Bing and other functions as repeating the last thing we said if we have not heard.


Cosmetic changes in the AppStore also adding new sections as applications, that is more popular in the place in which we find ourselves to know. What are the most downloaded applications of our part of the world?


Now we have much clearer information of each of the applications and games we want to download to the valuation under the section that is this application. Prices are on the right in a blue rectangle with information.


The music app for our iPad also been renewed, like most native applications that come with the new update to IOS 7.


Putting the iPad in landscape mode, we will have new features such as the display of album art, where you can swipe to see all the songs you have loaded and thus find more easily our songs.

iTunes Radio

Another function of the one we heard rumors mention is iTunes Radio, application that we are able to hear a lot of radio stations via streaming, with all the data available on each of the songs.

The search is by artist, genre or song, having available all the successes we want to find because of the big deals with record labels. Then we have the ability to create our own custom playlists as our musical tastes.


For those with Mach iTunes service will be free and others will be free but with advertising in the application. Currently only available in the U.S. and will be ported to other countries when carrying out licensing agreements with them.

Find my iPhone

New features to the Find My iPhone feature, especially for those who have the misfortune to lose a device, and that from now on will require activation with the Apple ID that was previously in our device, if the restore happen thieves.


We switch off our iPad remotely and so that it cannot find any way to use it as you may need our ID and our key to activate that lost or stolen iPad. This will make thieves think twice before making a felony with our devices.

Launch and Availability

The iOS beta 7 will be available today to developers and then after testing and adapting their applications will be issued for all next fall. The compatibility is as follows:

  • iPhone 4 and iPhone models higher
  • iPad 2 and iPad models higher
  • iPad Mini
  • Fifth Generation iPod Touch and above