iOS 7 will be far superior to other platforms according to research firm claims a major impact on the sector. Apparently the new version of the mobile operating system of apple come equipped with features that would locate far above the rest of today’s operating systems. If this proves to be finally well, Apple may recover lost sales in recent months. We show you all the details below.

iOS 7 will be far superior to other operating systems

We never rely much solid but some analysts are that this new adorned with comments related to iOS 7 is called much attention.

And it has been posted on the net that several research sources with a certain prestige in the sector have been saying that the new version of Apple’s operating system is far superior to other current operating systems.

We are confident that if you are from users who hate Apple and will have begun to address the comments section to say that this is not true and that iOS 7 will not be much less than Android, for example.

Apparently the source and know the aspect that will have the new version of iOS and states that this will come sporting a really simple interface, neat, clean and very, very easy to use.

To conclude the report, as well as I have said, state that this version of iOS 7 will be far superior in every respect to any current operating system for mobile devices.

At the moment these are all filtered data to date. In the ideals of each is to believe or not these statements recently leaked.