The Apple developer conference is just around the corner. In just a few hours, the company will play to some extent their future. The presentation of iOS 7 will be decisive. Right now, iOS devices account for 80% of the value of the shares of the company. That is, the rest of products including Macs are just dispute the remaining 20%.. Those three words have echoed endlessly in most technology blogs. Also, several sources have opted for the end of skeumorfismo. But in terms of functionality, what should bring the new iOS?

ios 7

First, iOS is an operating system designed for people outside the use of technology. His first goal was that people who had never used a touch screen proves you navigate intuitively through the interface. Therefore, the minimalist design meets the needs of most people. In the same way, the high stability of the system and its high fluidity optimization offer a delight use of less experienced people. Well, and that of many techies.

Also, keep in mind that nothing is perfect because you can always improve something. In fact, older users of iPhone and you are blaming the company a lack of innovation. Indeed, although some work properly, see every day the same tires. And is that iOS has barely evolved since their first appearance on the market in 2007. Personally, iOS interface do not dislike. However, it does include more features.

I think that now most people are already used to dealing with this type of device. It seems only logical that the launch of the first iPhone, the concept was totally new and no one was accustomed to using anything. Therefore, the ease of use was one of the major barriers they had to overcome to please the greatest number of people. They did nothing wrong. However, now that initial simplicity should be adding new features to make life easier.

iOS 7 1

First, as you can imagine, I would like to deploy the notification bar had options to enable or disable Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS, rotation and even the ability to silence (so we would save the button on the side ). While it is intuitive to know that we will find all these options in “Settings”, taking into account that we use on many occasions throughout the day would be much more effective if they were handmade. Yes, I said deploying the notification bar that is the solution that I liked on other operating systems. However, if Apple had another more affordable option would receive with open arms.

On the other hand, applications that come standard perform their function but are very basic. For example, I would love that in the application of the photos could use tags to subsequently perform a search and see that interest me. Actually, instead of having to make a nearly infinite scrolling if we have many snapshots would value much that could see selected date. In the same way, every time we want computer photos or anything else we are limited to a few applications set. It would be nice if we could expand the list.

This point is perhaps more controversial but would be nice to see greater use gestures. For example, on the iPhone would be nice if we could drag three fingers to mimic the function of the Home button. In the same way, add another gesture to see all the applications you have open and able to travel between them. What would we gain? Besides removing the phone’s main button, which is the mechanical element that most crashes, could grow in size without compromising screen size terminal dimensions.

iOS 7 2

Also, I think Apple should synchronize the notification center between all your devices. It is a complete disaster. In my opinion, this is a point that the company should have fixed a long time ago. Still do not understand why every time we receive a notification on the phone not marked as read on the iPad. It is certainly one the most important things you should fix the company.

And finally, yes the design theme. In recent times much has been talked about Johnny Ive wants to leave the skeumorfismo pleased that both Steve Jobs. Since the essence was to make a simple, adding real objects in the interface user experience provided a much more friendly and familiar. From my point of view, I prefer to continue using that trend before the flat design you have in mind Johnny. Personally, I think as it is now implemented design sees no need to make it simpler. Why? I love minimalism but as it stands now I do not see anything overloaded. On the contrary, I think he brings something of value to the interface.

In short, right now iOS is not perfect. It is proposed to use as seamless as possible. However, unless something completely unrelated and I take a while among us would be desirable to further extend the number of possibilities. I see entirely possible to remain a simple and yet a little more elaborate. And you, what do you expect from iOS 7?