The iOS was released in September 2012. It was a decent addition to the iOS family. But the new iO6 did not certainly change completely the way people used their smartphone. It simply provided much flexibility and ease in the use of your smartphone. Many time consuming process were shortened and sending images from e-mail and call controls were made simpler and flexible.

More upgraded Apple Maps:

The most important feature in IO6 is the Apple Maps. The Apple Maps in IO6 are more advanced and have many key features in them. The provide navigation to you turn by turn and also show you 3-D flyovers. The IO6 maps experience becomes more delighted if use them on the high speed A6 processor of iPhone5.  But still a lot more changes are to be made in the Apple maps before they become the rivals of Google Maps. They still have some bugs, quirks and some inaccuracies in location and directions. At some places there are no labels and sometimes you search for one place and the map takes you to an entirely different place.


The Siri feature have been made more effective and it provides an easy way of interacting with your smartphone. You just have to speak out what you want to know and Siri will give you the results. You can ask about the movies, score or nearby restaurant names and Siri will display it for you. You can dictate text messages and can also set alarms and reminders by just speaking out. But remember that the Siri feature is not a new addition in iOS6. It also existed in the previous version of iOS. What Apple has done this time is that it had made it more efficient and flexible. A similar type of application already exists on Galaxy S3 and is called S Voice.

Facebook application:
iOS6 has an integrated Facebook application. It allows you to upload pictures and video on Facebook without opening the Facebook application. Using Siri, you can also post on FaceSoook directly by speaking. It provides synchronization between the photos in you device and in your Facebook account.

Some new phone controls:
Another interesting feature in iOS6 is that you can also reply to an incoming call by a text. When the phone is ringing, you just have to swipe upward the little bar with the answer bar. The text messaging interface will open and you can text him. iOS also provides you some canned texts like “I will call you latter” or “I am busy”. Along with that, you can also set a remainder about making a call.

One thing I must say that most of the features Apple has provided in its iOS6 are the ones which people are already experiencing on other operating systems like Android. Apple must come with something innovative and user friendly in its upcoming iOS7 which should catch the interest of the customers.