iPhone 5S and iPad Mini 2 could significantly reduce the price according to the latest speculation. Apparently the apple begins to put the batteries to offer their products at a price slightly smaller and thus further increase sales. Everyone knows the great competition on the market today with what this could mean a great strategy for Apple. We show you all the details below.

iPhone 5S and iPad Mini 2 significantly reduced price

And that is increasingly expected as we approach the 2013 WWDC. Many consumers are pinning their hopes to see new devices in such an event as they could be for example the iPhone 5S or iPad Mini 2 although this is highly unlikely if we consider the words of Tim Cook in his last television interview where he said we would not see new devices until the next 2014.

But putting all that aside today we want to tell you that the latest speculations confirm that both the iPhone 5S as the iPad Mini 2 may greatly reduce their prices considerably.

This is something more and quite logical when we consider the crowded market. And that if anything has always been characterized Apple products, other than for its good characteristics, features and finishes, this is also for their high prices.

The past few weeks was said also about the entire network as the mini iPad 2 could have a price that would be between 150 and 200 euros. Certainly a very acceptable prices more and if we consider their origin.

On this day, the same is said about the iPhone 5S. Apparently this could be acquired for a price much lower than its previous models had.

For now, such information is just mere rumors that they might suffer all kinds of changes during the course of the next few days.