Apple surprised us all with the launch of its Retina display, which left the competition many steps behind. Years later, the Cupertino wants to surprise again with the screen of the new iPhone 5S. According to recent reports could be sharper display in the market.

As we read on Mac Rumors, the new iPhone 5S could have twice the density of pixels as the iPhone 5. The new device would increase the screen resolution by reducing the bezel that surrounds it. The current model has almost 730,000 pixels, about half will rumor iPhone 5S. What will remain unchanged screen size, which we know was raised for the first time on the iPhone 5?

The leak suggests that Apple could increase the resolution until it reached 1,704 by 960 pixels that include 1.6 million pixels. This would be placed at the density of 489 ppi, which is possibly sharper display in the market. Despite the leak, it seems unlikely that Cupertino bet on this solution.

The increased resolution has been something that has always been difficult enough for Apple, as it involves major changes in applications. Developers should re-check their creations to suit the new screens. In addition, this would mean having three different resolutions for iPhone models.

This latest leak comes into conflict with reports that suggest that the iPhone 5S will retain the same screen as the current model. In fact, if we look at the Apple way of doing this is quite likely. The 3GS had the same screen as the 3G and the iPhone 4S with the same screen as the iPhone 4.

There is considerable controversy about Apple’s plans for its future Smartphone. For one, there are enough leaks that add to the more conservative approach, which would keep the screen size. However, recent rumors suggest that the Cupertino want to reposition the iPhone’s screen at the top. What will happen eventually?