The iPhone 5 is barely out of its lavish white box but already a hustle bustle of rumors are hinting at the launch of its successor, dubbed the iPhone 5S. Believed to be heading into production next month, sources claim the handset could hit shelves as early as June 2013.

iPhone 5S Release Date

The Apple iPhone 5S could launch in June next year, with a range of different color options for the first time, according to an industry analyst.

The iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 were both released closer to the end of the year, but it’s not unheard of: both the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 4 came out mid-year.

Screen-Shot-iphone 5s

Apple is clearing capacity to allow its manufacturers to switch to the new handset, while also reducing the amount of stock it has for the old phone, so it can concentrate on the iPhone 5S.

If this information is correct and the iPhone 5S goes into production in March, it means that the new handset should be out in June. Keep an eye guys on 5S updates!


Rumors also suggested that it would be a budget iPhone 5S launched alongside a fully-featured iPhone 6. According to reports, the budget model would let Apple compete against low-end Android devices, by using cheaper components and a plastic case to lower the price.

Apple has been quick to dismiss a budget iPhone 5S. Speaking to a Chinese newspaper, Apple’s vice president of global marketing Phil Schiller denied that the company would make a cheaper product.

“Some manufacturers use cheap smartphones as a replacement for feature phones, but this is not Apple’s product development direction,” Schiller said.


Asked directly about possible plans to launch multiple devices aimed at subtly different market segments, Schiller was clear: “We are not like other companies, releasing multiple products in one breath then pinning their hopes on one single product to gain the favor of consumers.”

That release certainly got the rumor mill going and it’s been suggested that Apple has already approached Sharp about its technology, but not just for the iPhone 5S, but also for the upcoming iPad 5

Other claims made by Misek include increased storage capacity of 128GB – up from the maximum 64GB available in the iPhone 5 – and plans by Apple to release the handset in a variety of different colors.

128GB Capacity

The rumors of a 128GB version would seem to be true, as we know that Apple now has that capacity, thanks to the recent launch of a 128GB iPad 4.

Interestingly, Apple recently bought a new fingerprint/NFC security system, fuelling speculation about the capabilities of the new phone.

It seems likely that Apple will integrate a digital wallet into its Passbook app. Currently, Passbook only supports store cards, discount vouchers and tickets, but extending its functionality shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve.

This will let Apple compete with Google Wallet, which launched recently in the UK and is available for any Android phone with NFC, such as the Samsung Galaxy S4.

It’s believed that the fingerprint sensor will be integrated underneath the phone’s home button, making it easy for users to reach and certainly a lot easier than authenticating by using the on-screen keyboard.


Apple has traditionally alternated between brand-new designs and tweaked designs for its annual iPhone releases: the original iPhone was replaced with the brand-new iPhone 3G, which was tweaked a year later into the iPhone 3GS. The launch of the brand-new iPhone 4 was followed by the tweaked iPhone 4S design, while the latest iPhone 5 model represents a complete redesign once again.


iPhone 5S to look like the iPhone 5

According to new rumors, the iPhone 5S will look like the iPhone 5. A recent report from an analyst has said that the iPhone 5S is going to look very similar to the iPhone 5. This information isn’t based on leaked documents or sly shots of the device, but rather on Apple’s quarterly filing with the SEC.

iPhone 5S: The Concepts Have Arrived

While the iPhone 5S is likely going to look very similar to the iPhone 5, Apple’s next phone, the iPhone 6, could be very different in deed. A graphic designer has turned to Apple’s patent portfolio to produce 3D rendered images that guess at the design, features and functionality of the company’s next-generation iPhone.

To conclude iPhone is always warmly welcomed by everyone! And to wait for it is always hard!