iPhone has been known as one of the first Smartphone of its kind developed by Apple Inc. Since its introduction, iPhone has captured huge market and is now serving many people’s need of having a Smartphone that looks good, provide excellent features and is easy to use.

The iPhone 6 Plus is about to released on 19th of September 2014. Even before its release many people have already booked it and are eager to buy the revolutionary phone that contains all the features and is the slimmest phone with bigger and better features.

Some Amazing features that makes it different!

Screen: the first element of iPhone 6 plus to be considered while distinguishing it with other models of iPhone is its big screen. The screen is 5.5 inches big that is the first ever big screen of iPhone as compared to other models. The big screen is water and scratch resistant too which makes it different from others.


Designing: the iPhone 6 plus is designed very different from its previous models like that of iPhone 4 and 5. The body is slim and bigger and the shape of the body has round curves instead of the square offs of previous models. The body is so slim which is 7.11mm and is quite heavy than iPhone 5 and 6.


Fine Display: with bigger screen comes fine display. It provides high resolution display and makes your experience amazing and exciting. The multi touch display is bigger and better with bright color frequency and contrast. The resolution of iPhone 6 plus is 1920×1080.


More powerful and enormous: with bigger size and design, the internal memory of iPhone 6 Plus ranges from 16 GB, 64GB and 128GB. The architecture of it is built on 64 bit that contains an M8 coprocessor which makes it work smoother and provides a long battery life too.

iSight camera: iPhone 6 plus contains a camera that not just help you collect high quality images but also videos with high resolution and with its focusing capabilities it can make your experience amazing and provides you wonderful moments to capture with bright effects and contrasts.


Faster and wider coverage: with the amazing speed of wifi and download, it can provide you with fastest wifi speed and can download your data within just blink of an eye. It has faster LTE and can help you connect with wifi immediately and provides 3x faster speed.

High Security: now making your phone secure becomes easier as it now contains comprehensive technology that provides you an option of finger print to unlock your phone via it thus making it more secure.

iPhone 6 plus Unboxing and First Look