“Apple iPhone owners are vainer and spend more on clothes and grooming than those who have Samsung according to a new research. They also rate themselves as ‘flirty and bright’ and are most likely to work in media

A study directed by online advertising network Chitika found that states with more school graduates are tend to have higher iPhone sales. Chitika found that increased wealth is also additionally connected to more iPhone sales – yet since collge degrees also relate with higher earnings, Chitika says those results are repetitive. Different studies have discovered comparable results. Rich, white guys tend to purchase more iPhones, especially in the first weeks that they go discounted. In the first month of offers on iPhone, about 80% of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus purchasers in the United States were 60% male and the business was made over $75,000 a year, as per an organization that track consumer purchasing.

On this whole prespective, Google’s Android sales are fundamentally higher than apple’s sales, however the iPhone remains the absolute most well known cell phone in the United States. More than 42% of US cell phones are iPhones, as indicated by a study. Runner-up Samsung takes over 28% of the US market.

Different studies have uncovered comparable results. Ladbrokes for example, tested a thousand cell phone users to take a progression of online brain teasers intended to test their mental readiness. iPhone clients were found to have the speediest wits of all, finishing the test in 94 seconds on average, while Blackberry clients were the slowest at 118 seconds. In second place was Google Nexus users, who finished the test only five seconds slower on average. Apple was on the top place. Samsung users were in third place with a normal finish time of 103 seconds.

HTC users were fourth with a normal time of 105 seconds, while individuals with Nokia Phones scored 109 seconds. A study in 2013 found that iPhone owners are egoistic and spend more on garments and personal grooming than the individuals who have Blackberry and Android cell phones. Blackberry users earn the most and are more likely to have long term relationships, while individuals with Android handsets have the best manners and are helpful in the kitchen.

“Are you a iPhone user? Congrats! You’re most likely to be smarter than the Android users sitting beside you”

Samsung and Apple are undoubtedly the two biggest names in the mobile industry, and as the companies continue to grab each other’s throats in a countless of disputes, it’s fair to say that fans of both companies can be just as forthright in debate over which of the big two produces the best devices. So, there you have it folks iPhone owners are younger, richer, and smarter than any other android brand. Of course, we don’t really agree with the whole assessments but huh! Do you?