Apple has begun charging little fees for three-month trials of Apple Music in several countries, according to AppleInsider. Users in AustraliaSpain, and Switzerland should now pay 99 cents to check the brooking overhaul for three months. Apple Music auditions were up to that time free in every country, as they are in the US and further countries.

It is not patent why Apple commenced charging for testing in these countries, or whether the company does strategy to do so in different countries. Apple originally intended to not pay monarchs to performers throughout the three-month trials, but the company reversed course subsequent to facea chorus of criticism from Taylor Swift and other musical groups. Apple Insider wonders that the company may currently be trying to get better a few of those costs with rewarded trial eras.

In certain countries, the Cupertino company is charging a small fee to get onboard the three-month ‘free’ trial of Apple Music.

Apple Will Charge You 99 Cents for a Three-Month Trial in Your Country – You Need to be Ready for it

Before you part ways by your money, you can strive out Apple Music for a phase of three months completely free. This means you will be payable for the fourth month, if you decide to wait with the service, and so on. Oddly sufficient, it appears as though the company is taking a dissimilar loom in countries such as Australia, Spain and Switzerland, as users existing in in those regions have to colt up 99 cents for a three-month for ‘free’ trial. Although that might not sound that much, but it’s a fee that one has to disburse in order to compose do with the trail for the service. There is no way about it.

Apple, on the other hand, has subjected a declaration (via The Verge), in which it has affirmed that it has a diverse policy for Apple Music in unusual countries. Here’s the absolute statement from Apple.

If you are living in the United States, or various different countries rather than the ones sketched above, then you go forward with your three-month experiment for at no cost. But, in the days to approach, if you see a small fee attached to the trial, then don’t be upset at all. After all, Apple did say so itself that ‘pricing and promotion’ changes from country to country.

Apple Music is at present obtainable for iOS, Mac, Windows and yet Android users. You can hop straight into action straight from your personal device. iOS users can do so from the Music app, Windows and Mac users from iTunes, while Android users have to download the Apple Music app from the Play Store.