Apple has come up with two new handsets IPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s an expensive set and iPhone 5c is a less expensive set together of which 9 million of both sets were sold. Although IPhone has come up with two brand new phones but the prospects of IPhone 5c as compared to IPhone 5s are less clear to expand as a big hand set.

Release of Apple 5s and 5c:

These results are drawn from the sales of 9 million handsets after their first 3 days in the market. The company is very optimistic about both its new handsets and is predicting a higher sales and profit margin as compared to last year’s revenue.

There is no denying the fact that Smartphones are the best tool of communication which had even beaten windows PC by its fast moving and efficient technology.

Smartphones Vs Windows Phone:

When compared to a windows Phone we can see countless benefits of using IPhones for example it crashes less and if unfortunately it got hang then it’s easier to restart work, It includes applications for mail and all Social channels which makes it superb to use and excellent when checking mails from any part of the world and the best part is even more exciting when it provides iWork which is far way better than MS office. These facts make it clear without any shadow of doubt that IPhone are fast and more work-efficient than PC.

Apple 5s and Stocks!!

With the release of Apple’s new handsets, the company’s stock also increased to 5%, $23.23 and is closed at $490.64 on the Nasdaq Stock Market.

Analyst are predicting that the new model of IPhone 5s will reach 6- 7 million sales in the debut week as compared to the 5milllion sales of IPhone 5 models in the debut week last year.

But the most important decision regarding the sales in China which is a huge market for smart phones is in progress and Apple management team is deciding the sales of new handset in China in debut week.

Let’s do some Math’s!!!

Although Apple is very optimistic and is showing huge revenue and large profit margins, Analysts says that Apple has huge inventory level of IPhone 5s and the 9million of unsold units at non Apple retailers includes both IPhone 5s and IPhone 5c models.

Over all, analysts believe that the sales of new handsets was huge as compare to the last year sales of IPhone 5 which was evident from the long lines outside the stores as compared to last year’s. But few analysts are disappointed that Apple has not kept the price of IPhone 5c low to attract a new class of buyers.

“People forget that there is a massive installed base out there,” said Brian Marshall, an analyst at ISI International Group. As a result, when “each phone comes out, the launch gets bigger and bigger.”

To conclude stuff, a huge number of audiences brought IPhone 5s and according to Cantor Fitzgerald’s survey, around 88% of people in New York has brought IPhone 5s but Apple still argues that the sales of IPhone 5c also went very well. With such sales and Revenues, Apple is trying hard to re-capture its market leading position and to completely wash out big players out of the market.