The first iPhone was launched in June, 2007. It had only a 2MP camera with 1600x1200pixels of resolution. It did not even have the feature of recording a video and the secondary camera was missing. The camera of the iPhone was readily updated in its later versions. The newer versions of the iPhone had more advance camera with high pixel density. The last released version of iPhone by Apple is iPhone 5. It has an 8MP camera and with 3264×2448 pixels.

It is expected that the iPhone 6 will be released in 2014. We people have been hearing many rumors about the specifications of the next iPhone. Amongst them, the most discussed is the camera of the upcoming iPhone. There is nothing confirmed about the exact specifications of the camera of the iPhone 6 but still many interesting information and details have emerged as a result of these rumors. The rear camera of the iPhone 6 is highly speculated. The already released Samsung Galaxy S4 has a 13 MP camera. So, it is expected that the next iPhone will also have at least a 13 MP camera. It will also have more improved low-light shooting. The iPhone 6 will be able to capture white pixels along with red, green and blue. It will also have more advanced color correction and balance .This means iPhone 6 will also be able to have HDR recording capability.

In order to keep the iPhones in the race of most updated mobiles, Apple will have to improve the camera of the future iPhone as much as possible. There are already many cameras in the market which have quite large pixel resolution camera. I have given the example of Samsung galaxy S4 already. The Nokia’s PureView 808 smartphone has a huge 41-megapixel sensor to produce high quality images.

Many people who work at Apple have claimed that the secondary camera of iPhone 6 will also be improved to 2MP as compared to the 1.3MP sensor on the iPhone 5. The secondary camera of the next iPhone will have the ability of recording full HD videos. The iPhone 6 will also have a dual shot feature. It will enable the user to capture photos with both secondary and rear camera simultaneously and apparently, this will also be possible with video recording from the two cameras simultaneously.

Until the final release of the iPhone 6, nothing can be confirmed about its camera. Only its final release will tell that which features Apple has provided to its customers in its iPhone 6.