When the iPhone 5 was released, it did not really meet the expectations of the customers. People were expecting to experience something new and effective from the new mobile but it did not happen. Very soon Apple will release iPhone 6 and the Apple’s customers are expecting to have something unique in iPhone 6 which could catch their attraction. The speculations about the upcoming mobile already out and yet nothing is confirmed, neither the final specs of the mobile nor its final release date.

We have been told by many resources that in order to attract the maximum number of customers, Apple will might release the new iPhone in three different sizes. The names of the three variants of the same mobile will bee iPhone 6 Mini, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 XL.

Plastic body of iPhone 6

iphone 6 ..

It is also heard that the body of the new iPhone will be a mix of two, plastic and metal. The body of the mobile will be made in such a way that the internal parts of the mobile will be visible from the outside. Speculations say that Apple will keep the price of the new iPhone near $399. For keeping  the price of the iPhone low, Apple will certainly go applying some plastic body to its new flagship.

Display of iPhone 6

iphone 6

The Business Insider says that, the display screen of the upcoming iPhone will be the combination of Apple’s Retina and IGZO technology. Hence the display screen of iPhone 6 will be loaded with millions of colours with some special graphical effects. The iPhone 6 will might not have a home button and will most probably will have an added feature of gesture control on it. I remind you that, same thing regarding the home button on iPhone 5 was expected but it new happened. The iPhone 6 will also have a full HD 1080p resolution and the display screen will be about 4.8 inches.

iphone 6 ....

Hardware specs

The processor speed of the iPhone 6 is not going to be a surprise for the customers. The iPhone 5 has a dual core A6 processor chip and it is obvious that the iPhone 6 will have a quad-core A7 processor in it. Apple’s new iPad has 128GB of storage. So we can expect that Apple will also go for providing 128GB in its new iPhone. It will be an interesting thing to see and will be good for those customers who keep their most of the data in their mobile.

Speculations about the iPhones mostly don’t come out to be 100% true and before the final arrival of iPhone 6 in the market, nothing can be confirmed regarding its specs.