We all love our iPhones and simply CAN-NOT live without it for even fifteen minutes, still we are unaware of these little trips. These will not only make your life simple, in fact it will make your iPhone more user friendly. Can you imagine THAT?

Keyboard Tips:

Do you love to add symbols to your conversation while texting? Do you always tap the 123 button and then the ABC button on your keyboard once you are done with the symbols? Your life will become much less complex if you just tap and hold the 123 button, while selecting the symbols that you want to use and then leaving the 123 button to get back on the main keyboard.


Wrote a long text and deleted some of it by mistake? Hold your iPhone and shake it up a little to bring the undo option. Yes, it’s a time saver! You can thank me later after reading all the tricks

Stop Music/audio and other media with a timer:

If you are like me and you love to fall asleep listening to music, then this trick will save your battery to run out. Set the timer to stop the music, your audio book or any other media that you might want to stop after a particular time.

For setting up the timer, go to the clock app on your iPhone, and tap on the ‘Timer’ option at the bottom of the screen. Set the timer (for minutes or even hours), and then tap on to the option ‘When the Timer Ends.’ You will have to scroll down the menu and select ‘Stop Playing’ from the bottom of the list. Now tap onto start on the timer and then begin playing the music, audio book, etc. from the relevant app, it will automatically stop when the timer will stop.

Spot words you are searching for in safari:

While looking for particular word or phrase, type that in the search bar at the top of the screen, and tap on the bottom of the options that the search results show which reads: “On This Page.” You will see that word or phrase highlighted in yellow on the page.

Panoramic Awesomeness:

I love taking pictures and the panorama is A-W-S-O-M-E! You can change the direction of your panorama picture in the camera app just by simple tapping on the arrow which appears in the middle of the screen while your app is in the Panorama mode.

Easy Selfie:

Finding hard to capture selfies by tapping the capture button on the phone? Use the volume up button on the side of your iPhone to click selfies effortlessly. You can also use the volume up button on your headphones and take a selfie too.