After the successful launch of iPhone 5 in the market, apple is now planning to launch the iPhone 5s in June. Amongst the specifications of the iPhone 5s, one is that it will have “Super HD” resolution. The iPhone 5s came with a screen resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels, so we can expect that the so called “Super HD resolution” will have resolution higher than 1080p

The Retina+:

Because of the higher pixel count in it, the display of the iPhone 5s can be can called “Retina+”. It is also said that the display of iPhone 5s will based on IGZO (Indium gallium zinc oxide). IGZO material helps to enable smaller pixels for a great quality resolution display than the traditional amorphous Silicon used in the LCD displays. This means that the upcoming iPhone 5s will have more detailed and brighter resolution as compared to the previously released iPhone 5. The IGZO in the display of the iPhone 5s will also decrease the width of the phone by a small amount.

NFC and finger print reader in iPhone 5s:

An extra feature the iPhone 5s will have will be the near-field communications (NFC). Many Android based smartphones of the market have this feature in them but it is still absent in the Apple’s iPhones. Along with this, it is also herd that Apple will also include a finger print reader in the iPhone 5s.

Recently, Apple bought Authentec, which is a company that makes new fingerprint/NFC security systems. This thing further strengthens the speculation that the iPhone 5s will have NFC and finger print reader in it. If the NFC or a finger print reader is included in the iPhone 5s it is likely that Apple will add a digital wallet into its Passbook application. At present, Passbook has support only for store cards, discount vouchers and tickets of different sort. To extend the functionality of the Passbook and associating it with the NFC or the finger print reader will not be a difficult task for Apple to do. Such kind of application already exists in Android phone and is called “Google Wallet” and supports the smartphone which have NFC in them such as Samsung Galaxy S4.Moreover, a recent job advertisement has further strengthened the speculations that the iPhone 5s will have a finger print reader in it. The advertisement said that an engineer was required who would work on finger print readers at Authentec.

The month of June is about to begin. Up till the final release of the iPhone 5s, nothing can be confirmed about its final specifications.