Buying a new Smartphone is always tough job. There are so many phones available in the market, finding the best one to fit your daily work needs is really headache-inducing task. To help you navigate minefield of Smartphones, here are some factors which you should consider before buying one.

  • Pick An Operating System

The first task is to pick up OS for your Smartphone. There are distinct platforms including Android, iOS and Windows Phone are available. Each has its own pros and cons. Picking OS is your personal preference. But here are few features you should consider.

  • iOS

Satisfaction of Smartphone depends upon apps. Overall, iPhone has high quality apps slightly better than Android. Business users will be glad to know that iPhone platform is more secure then android. But Apple offers only three models to choose from. If you want a bigger screen Smartphone or diverse featured mobile with reasonable price, then you should look elsewhere.

  • Android

Every application a business user need for his business is available in the vast Android app store as Google Play Store. There are 1 million apps to choose from Store for the best one to fit your needs. The con of this platform is the security risk. Use can easily install unapproved apps from the Store and mostly malware is embattled at Android. But there is large selection choice available in Smartphones with android in it.

  • Windows Phone

If we talk about apps, then windows phone comes third in the race with more than 200,000 apps in its Store. Windows Phone is as secure as iOS because user can only download the apps from its official App Store. The edge to Windows phone is integration of Microsoft Office.

  • Pick A Size

Smartphones are getting bigger and bigger over past few years. The benefit of big display Smartphone is that you can easily browse web as compared with smaller screens. For a businessman, large screen will be useful to view or edit documents and manipulating spreadsheets on the Smartphone. But large screen phones will not easy fit in our pocket.

  • Check Specifications

A fast processing speed along with high resolution display is good perk, but they are not necessary of every businessman. Here are two factors to consider.

  • Processor

A business owner, who want to accomplish basic tasks like email checking, than there will be better to have affordable handset rather than flagship device. The fast processing Smartphones in the market are Samsung Galaxy Note 3, iPhone 5s and Motorola Moto X latter is the more affordable one to chose.

  • Storage

This is another key feature to consider for average businessman. Basically, there are two types of storage. One is onboard, which means that how much data your Smartphone will hold in its internal hard disk and other one is expandable storage which refers to memory card storage. For a common businessman, 8GB to 16GB is enough.

  • Battery Lifetime

For a businessman, bad battery lifetime is just more than irritation. If you want to stay productive for the whole day, then a good battery life Smartphone will be your best choice.