In today’s world, businesses are focusing on internet marketing to get boosted up their sales and customers quickly. Making a website for your business is another marketing strategy. Your business website or app can increase your sales as well as increase your reach. But, here is confusion comes in mind that which type of mobile presence you should have?

In this article, I will differentiate the mobile website and mobile app. Both can be used by customers to explore your products. But there is some difference in both of them.

What is Mobile Website?


A specially designed website to use on smartphones with smaller screens than desktop computer is called mobile website. You can access mobile website from your smartphone by entering the URL of your website in the browser. There are different web browsers available on different operating systems like Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android. However, you can use any web browser to explore your business website by simply entering the address of your website.

What is Mobile App?


A Mobile app is an application for your smartphone which you can run on your device to explore business products. Unlike mobile website, you don’t need to remember the URL of the business website. Just download the app from store provided by your Operating system and install it.

Benefits Of Mobile Website

The basic advantage of mobile website is to give accessibility to your user to view your business website in smartphone or any other hand-held device. It will look and behave same as like the regular website. However, the placement of the content will be optimized to make your website responsive to be seen on mobile phone. If you have mobile website for your business, then your customers can access your site from anywhere and can order their desired product without any problem.

Benefits Of Mobile App

There are many benefits of using mobile app instead of mobile website for your business. The functionality of the app is same like website, but through mobile app you will have a space in your customer smartphone. For mobile app, users have to download that application from stores of your device operating system. For android, you have to download app from Play Store and for Windows, you have to download it from Windows Store. The mobile app can be accessed easily instead of mobile website. Because for website, you have to open up your browser all the time and have to put the URL of business website to explore. However, in mobile app, you just need to install it at once in your smartphone. After installation, you can easily attract with business app by just tapping on the app icon from your device.