Do you want to track all the activities of your employees? Then, you must choose Flexispy. Flexispy is the leading cell phone spyware which can be also used for your computers and tablets. This spyware is committed to providing the best features along with necessary services.

Following are the notable features of this cell phone spyware:

  • Snoop all the messages: The Flexispy helps employers and parents to keep a record of the all the messages of the target device. You can check the inbox and sent messages. Even the deleted messages can be discovered with the Flexispy. See all the information about the particular message like at what time and date it received or sent. The parents are very cautious about the future of their child so secure the future of your child by accessing the message tracker feature of this cell phone spyware.
  • Flexispy has a feature of the SIM change alert. That means, whenever someone changes the SIM you will get a notification or you may be alerted by an alarm. Also, if some specific keywords appear in the incoming or sent messages that are inappropriate then, you will get the corresponding alert message. At a one time, you can set up to ten alarms.
  • It is the most simple and convenient: Flexispy is easy to install and use.
    Android devices: It is compatible with Android devices having the operating system from 4.0.3 – 8.1 and those who have dual SIM cell phones would not get access to CDMA networks. For enjoying all the features of this spyware, you must have a rooted android device.
    iOS devices: Flexispy can be operated on all version up to iOS 11.1.2 and you must jailbreak your device.
    It is also available for the Blackberry and Symbian.
  • Monitor the browsing history:
    Some of you may be worried about the efficiency of your employees. To solve this issue, you may have to check their browsing history. This tells you whether they are really accessing sites that are really related to their work or not.
  • It comes up with excellent video spy technology
    Nowadays, video content is more preferred and people love to see the movies, short clips. But at the same time, there are a number of videos that are distracting and not beneficial to watch. So, see which kind of videos your loved one is watching and thus, monitor their activities.


  • Premium package: In this package, users get a one-month subscription for $68. Pay $99 for two months and $149 for 12 months.
  • Extreme package: The extreme package has cost $199 for 3 months and $349 for 12 months.
    If you find any difficulty while using Flexispy then contact them on +1 213 810 3122. Their customer support is available 24/7. They offer multi-language customer support.
    If you don’t like this software, you can also apply for the refund and they will definitely pay back your entire money. So, feel free to ask a query on the given number and use it!