Two best competitors- one in market and the other just few days away to grab everyone’s attention.


The two powerful contenders for the smartphone crown, Samsung and Apple have been in war situation for control of the top-end smartphone market since the Korean firm released its first Galaxy phone nearly half a decade ago. In the past, while Samsung has managed to beat Apple in overall smartphone sales by swamping with each passing year. Analysts have since cautiously predicted that the Galaxy S4 may be the first Android phone to beat the next iPhone in global sales. However this victory will hinge on Samsung’s ability to beat the Apple iPhone in both technical specifications and software innovations. Here we take a look at the crucial specs.

Measurements and weight:

Samsung Galaxy S4: 137x70x7.9 mm, 130g
Apple iPhone 5: 124x59x7.6 mm, 112g

It’s undeniable that the Apple iPhone is lighter in weight and more small-hand friendly than the Samsung Galaxy S4, however it achieves this at the expense of screen size.


Samsung Galaxy S4: 5in full HD super Amoled 1920×1080 display, 441 ppi

Apple iPhone 5: 4in 1136×640 Retina display, 326 ppi

When it was released last year the iPhone 5’s Retina Display was the best ever seen on a smartphone and it was most impressive as well. However since then competitor like Samsung have caught up creating even more higher pixels-per-inch displays.


Samsung Galaxy S4: 1.6 GHz octa-core processor
Apple iPhone 5: A6 dual-core


Apple has consistently claimed there’s no need for quad-core processors in a smartphone as the device’s speed is largely dependent on how well optimized the software is for the components.


Samsung Galaxy S4: 2,600 mAh
Apple iPhone 5: 1,440 mAh

The Galaxy S4’s battery is significantly bigger than the iPhone 5’s. However powering the much larger display it’s still up in the air whether the increase capacity will result in a longer battery life. Though iPhone had real issues with the battery.



Samsung Galaxy S4: Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
Apple iPhone 5: iOS 6

However it’s worth noting the S4 does feature several innovative camera and interactive features the iPhone does not. These include Air Gesture and View features that let users interact with the device using Minority Report style gestures.


Samsung Galaxy S4: 13MP rear, 2MP front
Apple iPhone 5: 8MP rear, 1.2MP front

The Samsung Galaxy S4 on paper has a better megapixel count, pixel count is not indicative of photographic quality.

Shuttberbugs can drill down into techy white balance, ISO and image stabilisers, while teenage girls will thrill at being able to insert frames and other effects. Other features let you add sound clips to photos, animate parts of the picture or print your albums as Blurb books though these options are not in iPhone 5 so who is leading the race – definitely s4.

The S4 also has a brand new high-speed browser with anonymous browsing, offline reading and printing options which iPhone 5 possess also.


With the iPhone 5 midway through its lifecycle, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is definitely far more powerful because of its interactive features.

However, specs aren’t always 100 percent accurate meaning it’s all but impossible to know which is better till we’ve had more hands-on time with the Galaxy S4. Additionally, while the iPhone 5 is one of the S4’s biggest current competitors, its real enemy, the next iPhone is yet to appear.