What should entrepreneurs do if they want to open a kiosk in a mall? There is no place in these good malls. How can they get in? How can there be so many new malls? How can I talk about the malls I want to enter? What are the things I haven’t considered? What should I pay attention to when opening a cell phone repair kiosk in a mall.

First: Choose a suitable location

Location is very important to sales volume, of course, only good goods and good service. Generally, the side cabinets of shopping malls are more prosperous places, because the side cabinets are easy to image by the wall. Customers will circle around the side cabinets first after entering the shopping malls. Usually large brands will choose such side cabinets, and the competition for these positions is also very large.

It’s necessarily that get the top positions for best sales. If a small brand without influence is in the best position, the sales will be very poor. Generally speaking, it is also necessary to combine the positioning of its own brand with the interpersonal relationship of the shopping malls. It is usually not up to you to decide which position to choose.

On the other hand, we need to understand the business orientation of the shopping malls. The target customers of some shopping malls are the people who work around them. For this kind of shopping malls, we should synchronize our preferential policies and the preferences of shopping malls in time.

Second: Signing a contract with a store

Next is the price. The mall will give you a bitmap of the kiosk and the price. You need to figure out whether you can afford it. Are all the money you earn used to pay tuition fees? Don’t be overwhelmed by the huge crowds in the shopping malls.

Well, if it’s a good deal, the price has also been cut down by several rounds of pull saws. When it comes to price, you don’t have any negotiating power at the beginning. People say that you are basically what you are, because you are in a weak position. shopping malls will give you a letter of intent for this location, which is very fast, 2-3 days (usually signed in the name of the company, if you are still registering with the company to sign in the name of the individual, some high-end shopping malls may have complicated procedures).

Sign the letter of intent and hand in the letter of intent. After you hand it in, you need to give them the design and effect drawings. Many shopping malls will put on airs, we must see that the mobile phone maintenance cell phone accessories kiosk effect map conforms to our position before signing the contract.

Third: Customized kiosks and installation

Since the mall has been built before the opening of the cell phone kiosk, the owner of the store will have different kiosks in the store, so the matters needing attention in the store opening are also very complicated. A good mobile phone maintenance kiosk is very important. Choosing a professional mall retail kiosk manufacturer will save you a lot of time and energy.

Fourth: Employing employees to open stores

Finally, do some advertising and marketing plans, hire some employees to prepare to open a kiosk. Of course, you need to install all the equipment you need before opening the store. Do some good services and products, and your business will get better and better.