Blockchain is changing the Internet and beginning to bear fruit via an innovative cryptocurrency games. If you’re not living under the rock, you’ve heard of CryptoKitties.

CryptoKitties were ground-breaking in 2017, but had more flaws than the way Mark Zuckerberg sips water in front of congress. Move aside CryptoKitties, there are new dogs on the block: Coin Dogs has arrived.

To sum it up, Coin Dogs is a crypto-game that combines collectible dynamics, social, and crypto to breed and race virtual dogs for money, social cachet, and fun. Players can buy cryptocurrency on websites such as Coinbase and then use the cryptocurrency to acquire Coin Dogs and breed them with other dogs, with the goal of making the fastest possible canines. Coin Dogs race their dogs against other users in tournaments across the world at any given time. Users can also personalize their dogs with fashionable accessories to create unique and collectible breeds that they can showcase on social media.

Each dog is 100% unique, meaning that no one else will own, race or breed your dog. First you select parent dogs, breed them and own their puppy. You can race it, sell it, or rent it on the platform. People have made big fortunes trading the crypto assets such as CryptoKitties.

What’s Coin Dogs all about?

Coin Dogs aims to combine collectibility, gaming, and cryptocurrency usage into one unique, fun, popular, and addictive experience.

Gaming – this is the first cryptocurrency game which allows players to race each other. Players register their Coin Dogs to race. They collect their winnings if their dog wins and can race again if she or he loses. Winning is based on a mix of the dog’s attributes, such as for example their DNA, amount of experience, mood, along with pure chance – just like in real life.

Cryptocurrency – Cryptocurrency makes it possible to make payments low-cost, seamless, and instant. This combination of pure real money and fun makes Coin Dogs so engaging and addictive.

Collectibility – Coin Dogs are virtual collectibles that can be bought and sold by players in a simple way. Each dog is unique so the possibilities of breeding them into new dogs are virtually endless.

And let’s not forget about flaunting it if you got it. Coin Dogs have lots of social game, taking full benefit of Facebook’s and Twitter’s massive reach to create communities of both dog owners along with fans.

Unique and addictive game

Coin Dogs’ game play offers a distinctive mix of qualities in the cryptocurrency gaming space.

The chance to breed unique dogs with special characteristics introduces an element of scarcity, which increases the perceived value of those collectible dogs. As a result of the interactive social nature of the game, various breeds can become desired by players.

Coin Dogs’ racing component is the first of its kind in crypto gaming. Players may enter their dogs in races with a Litecoin entry payment, and the players with the winner dogs in each competition earn profits. Attributes like DNA, mood, experience, and age affect a dog’s racing time.

With a peer-to-peer game, the social aspect can also be a key element in players’ entertainment and profitability. The Coin Dogs game allows players to display their best dogs for social capital, breeding, and popularity interest.

How to Get Started Playing Coin Dogs

During Coin Dogs’ gradual rollout period, users can sign up through special signup codes. These codes must be sent from another existing player in order to gradually grow the user base.

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