With BlinkFeed HTC is trying to give us a different home screen to the other but at the same time will be helpful and, at least in my case, he has. BlinkFeed guess not for everyone but if you want to catch up on the latest news or what’s happening on your social networks, at a glance BlinkFeed makes it easy.

What makes BlinkFeed is arrange into rectangles of different sizes-like organization of Windows Phone-the latest news from the sources you’ve added yourself, and news is cured, so take all relevant communications which have had more social interactions.

Personally I’m the type of person who consumes news healed. My usual sources want to read the complete and usually do it through feeds, but there are always other sources of which only want to know the most relevant news and those are the ones, if you know well BlinkFeed configurator, get your experience with this unusual home screen better.


Surely one of the weaknesses of BlinkFeed is that it allows you to add the feed you want, you can configure only those are preset but is relatively easy to bypass, at least in part, these restrictions with social networks, and HTC has promised that modify this feature soon and we can add the fonts you want.

Once configured BlinkFeed we use is simple. Nothing will open the HTC One events there the most important news or waiting and no need to open Twitter, Facebook or Flipboard, an app that reminds me BlinkFeed.

In BlinkFeed vertical scroll is used to turn pages, the home key will take you back to the start, pulling down-iOS-style update our front page, and to read in depth article will only need to touch it. This will open a reader and not just the browser, which I appreciate as it gives flexibility to the download.