Probably many of those who follow us, those who always opt to save money or hire purchase of next generation mobile terminals, not see with good eyes is new habit of leading companies for betting on mini versions. You know, those in which part of a design in most cases very similar to the terminal flag but in which the dimensions are reduced considerably, and choosing a reduced also with the characteristics of course price. And if these days we have been giving prominence to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, touch switch gears and vs. is how much of the original like the competition. Today we see in pictures, face to face with the HTC One vs. One Mini


The image you see below is the HTC One mini, that although at first glance may seem very similar to the base model HTC One, the truth is that in the gallery below you can see them next to each other so that your eyes are given account the differences in size and even finishes are quite remarkable. Actually, this terminal is the latest HTC bets to make the HTC One suit everyone, after disclosing that throw your phone under the Google Play without Android custom interface brand, HTC Sense.


I think it’s best to understand the differences between the two phones is certainly analyze each of the images in depth, but I think the HTC One Mini only going to convince those who are clear that the midrange s that suits them and who are willing to give up a big screen as the current for greater ease to carry and bring their small size.