Huawei has recently released its flagship Ascend P2 in the market. When you check out the specs of this mobile, you can certainly say that Huwaei is finally able to compete the other Android mobile makers like Samsung and HTC in the market.

This mobile has a slim body with a 8.44mm frame. The mobile has some sharp edges and has a slippery touch. The LCD screen size is 4.7 inches and has colour definition and quality. The colour depth is not on that level which you experience in Samsung S4 but still it is acceptable.

P2’s hardware

All the best Smartphones in the market have a quad core processor in them and quad core processor has become somewhat like a standard in the market for the flagships of different mobile companies. Similar is the case is Ascend P2, it has a 1.5GHz quad core processor. The mobile works at remarkable speed. The mobile has an internal storage of 16 GB which is quite enough if you go for keeping music files and photos in your mobile only but this amount of space becomes less if you go for storing some high quality videos and large applications in it. Sadly the mobile has no support for the MicroSD card.


Solution for the battery problem

The Huawei mobile does not have a good battery time and the story continues with the Ascend P2. The mobile has a 2420mAh battery which can last only for one day if you use apps and record videos for a limited period of time. For cover coming the battery problem, Huawei has made another move. Huawei has introduced many options for controlling the battery consumption. There is a start up manager which allows you choose which processes to run as soon as you switch the handset on. Similarly you can also choose which processes to run in the background and which to keep in the cache. Using these options drastically increases the battery life of the mobile.


P2’s camera

Like the Samsung S4 and HTC One, Ascend P2 also has a 13 megapixel camera. Using the camera, you can apply a wide range of vintage-style effects on the photos and distort people’s faces. Another important thing to be mentioned here, the camera application allows you to elect any object which is seen in the frame and then the camera will automatically keep that object in focus no matter from which angle you take the photo of that object. This thing certainly allows you to take photos from different angles of a single object of your choice.

After experiencing the Ascend P2, I am fully convinced that Huawei is producing something which could be another option for a user against the Samsung S4 and HTC One and we can expect that next time Huawei will come with an even bigger product in the market.