On 7th September, Tech giant Apple surprised everyone with its latest innovation! The notch on the iPhone transformed into something revolutionary. The iPhone’s notch has been a source of curiosity for many people. When it first appeared on the phone, several experts suggested that Apple would likely reduce its size over time but this updated stunned everyone.

Apple’s new ‘ Dynamic Island ‘just mesmerized the world with its revolutionary design. With the iPhone 14 Pro’s pill-shaped notch, Apple has created a way to give users more information without taking up any space.

The notch on the new iPhones is a lot more than just an eye catching design feature. The technology inside will give you information about what’s playing, recording or contacting your phone so it can be easier for people to use their devices without having anything else distracting them!

The next generation of the popular game, Dynamic Island is set to offer more engaging experiences with third-party developers working on new facets. According to reports, these developments could also include games and it seems like there’s no end in sight for all their creativity!

In a recent interview with Kriss Smolka, the developer revealed that he had been working on an interactive Dynamic Island game resembling Pong. He also shared some details about it online before sharing its model at Twitter! The project’s currently being tested and has been name ‘Hit The Island’.


The game is played with a paddle at the bottom, which throws up towards Dynamic Island. The goal of this activity is to make it animate!