We have come to know earlier that a newly patent points towards Apple employing a new ultrasonic fingerprint scanner implanted in coming iPhone displays. But could the Cupertino company be planning something a little less groundbreaking for the iPhone 8 and beyond?IPHONE 8

In addition, the source (said to be a Foxconn assembly line insider) is claiming that the expected iPhone 8 will be named the “iPhone Edition”, and that it will attribute a vertical dual-camera system – all pictured in the site’s turn into above.

It’s worth taking the iDrop News rumors with a pinch of salt – we’ve yet to see its predictions and hearsay swallow truthful fruit, while some of its suggestions for the next iPhone purely replicate things we’ve heard prior from other trusted sources.

The report mixes this in with a propel of things we’ve heard before. Glass backsvertical cameras (which would be horizontal when used in the more common landscape mode) and iPhone Edition naming are all things that have been reported previously. So while iDropNews would like us to believe that its indeterminate ‘insider’ has exposed a whole horde of new things, the testimony is in point of fact just a mish-mash of prior rumors coupled to one piece of apparently new information.

That said, at least in the case of the rear fingerprint scanner, it’s hardly an eccentric allege. There’s instance for rear-mounted finger scanners, however disruptive they prove to be, and it’d be easier to execute then an all-new entrenched display technology.
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