It’s remarkable that Apple and Samsung are the only two smartphone makers significant in the market these days. Will Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 help it to pull away? Or will the iPhone 5 stands strong after six months on the market? Let’s see how their specs – and other features – compare.


Android phones keep growing bigger, while Apple is more discerning about changing the iPhone’s size. Do you think “bigger is better” ? Or do you prefer simplicity. If you lean towards the former, then your decision is easy. The Galaxy S4 is larger than the iPhone 5 in every dimension. The Android phones have grown too big, and the iPhone hits a more comfortable sweet spot. Before making a decision, you might want to get your hands on both devices to find out more information about them and ponder over the details that which size you prefer.


It’s primarily made of the same plastic that composed the Galaxy S3. The iPhone 5 is made primarily of anodized aluminum. The Galaxy S3 showed that millions of customers can still fall in love with a smartphone that’s both high-end and made of plastic.


If you’re looking for a light phone, the iPhone 5 is still on the top of the list. Though the Galaxy S4 is bit lighter than the Galaxy S3 which is definitely not a big difference , it’s still 16 percent heavier than Apple’s flagship.


Most impressive part of a smart phone is definitely its display. In addition to an extra inch of display, the Galaxy S4 also gives you over a million extra pixels. Pixel count aside, the S4’s bigger display inches closer towards “In a market swarming with competitors,


You can’t take battery capacity as an absolute indicator of actual uptime – especially when the S4’s battery is powering a display with more than one million extra pixels. Apple estimates eight hours of talk or internet uptime for the iPhone 5. We’ll have to wait for some hands-on time with GS4 before drawing conclusions about its battery life.


Samsung is heavily pushing its software-based camera features in Galaxy S4. These include Dual Camera (it simultaneously snaps shots and videos with both cameras and lets you imprint one inside the other), Drama Shot (a burst mode that combines the images into a collage), and Sound & Shot (records an audio clip along with still shots). No doubt camera of iPhone is remarkable as well but few more interactive options are added in to s4 .

Expectations are higher for s4 though people are anticipating many things but still wait for a while for the real picture till s4’s release date!!!