The latest smartphone device loved by many android lovers is LG G3. There are few great features in the device like screen quality and camera. In this article, I will reveal some tips and tricks to make your LG G3 camera an easy gadget to use anywhere for storing your life scenes for future. The public is reviewing in positive manner about the device in concern of camera. You can almost perform any task you want in image department.

When you will first open the camera application in the smartphone, then all features will not appear in front of your eyes. So, this article will be helpful to get yourself acknowledged about all possible ways to use the camera app in LG G3.

  • Launch Camera With Volume Button

We always want to make moments memorable by capturing them in form of pictures so that we can think about those moments later on in life. So, with your LG G3, you can launch your camera app fast by just holding on the volume button on the back for 2 seconds. After 2 seconds, the phone will vibrate and your camera app will be launched from which you can capture the moments.

  • Add Shutter Key

When you will open the camera application, then you will notice that something is missing from the standard viewfinder. It is because LG has hidden all the extra controls to make sure that they are providing an easy to use camera app to open and capture pictures.

You can tinker the extra features by tapping to the overflow menu button on the interface at the corner. This process will toggle all the interface elements in front of you along with shutter key and video recording button too. Once you have shown the shutter key, one tap will simply focus on the spot rather than capture.

  • Shooting Modes Switching

There are different shooting modes available for you to capture your photos in different modes. You can easily select the mode button right above the settings gear icon. You will have different modes available here. Dual mode will give you picture in picture style shoot with dual cameras. The panorama mode will let you shoot ultra-wide sweeping shots and the Magic Focus will give you option to choose which part of the picture you want to make sharpen.

  • Quick Switch To Front Camera

The simple and most used way to toggle between front and rear camera is to tap on the toggle button which will be shown in the interface. The interface can be reached by tapping on the overflow button. But, you can do that in more simple way in your LG G3 for toggling between cameras. You just need to swipe across the viewfinder and you will be switched to other camera.

So, these are some of the tips and tricks for your LG G3 to make your camera a lot more easier to use and capturing the moments of life.