Mobile technology has been so advanced now a days and is going on a fast pace from the past few years, however it has recently slowed down to give us a chance to get up to catch up. 2015 is the ideal time to anticipate what mobile technology may have in store for us in 2015.

  • Android

Google will keep Android on an enduring course as it has done in the past. Android has developed to the point that it’s not likely we’ll see a huge hop in 2015.  It doesn’t significantly apply to Android One, Google’s initiative to get some low cost Android cell phones into developing markets. In 2015, expect to catch wind of new Android One partners in South Asia and other developing markets. These won’t make quite a bit of a benefit; however will help make Android’s number one position in smart phones. The current year’s version of Android will probably develop the material outline of Lollipop. It’s not likely we’ll see a huge change in the look and feel of Android in 2015 as the design of Lollipop has as of now gotten both tablets and cell phones modernized

  • Chrome pads or chrome books

We all are looking forward to see the adoption of Chrome books keep on growing in 2015. Low costs of the chrome book will settle on the choice to purchase it because it is generally as amazingly attractive as it did in 2014. The Chrome book won’t likely change much in 2015, yet the hardware will advance to the point that the low prices will get a great deal and the more value for the money. We will probably see more Chrome books with touch screens, and a greater selection of large display models. We wouldn’t be surprised to see a tablet hit the business sector, and it will probably be known as the Chrome Pad.

  • Apple

 In 2015 we have already seen another iphone and ipad that are just marginally better than the previous year’s models. We ought to see the same strategy with the ipad Air. It’s not practically viable to make an ipad that is more slender, as it is already pushing the limits.  More slender the tablet is the delicate it will be. We will likely see system RAM expanded in the new ipad which will bring about a noticeable improvement and support in the increased role the ipad is expecting for work purposes.

  • Windows and Microsoft

Windows 10 should be the OS from the new Microsoft that begins enticing a few undertakings to update. That will give the organization the traction it needs going ahead in mobile technology. On the other side, the Windows 10 is required to be the last major version of the OS may attract other organizations that are uncomfortable with the new update procedure.

So 2015 will be similar to most others, with mobile technology making incremental changes. Significant players in mobile technology will keep on pumping in our tablets and cell phones. Every now and then a gadget will show up with one wow feature that pushes the envelope, keeping in mind these will strike the extravagant of a few buyers.