Today in technology trends, smartphone market is the toughest competitive market. There are many smartphones coming daily to defeat their competitors by giving some edgy and extra features to them. Some great names of the competitors with fame are Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, Apple, Motorola and Sony. Every company wants to give their audience some unique featured smartphone to target huge audience as compared with others. In this article, we will discuss the major features of Nokia Lumia 520 and Motorola Moto E and will figure out what are the distinguished and distinct qualities in both of them.

Nokia gains his popularity by introducing windows operating system based smartphones for their users. On the other hand, Motorola is aimed to target the audience wants to have featured mobile phone in lower budget. Motorola has recently launched their Motorola Moto E smartphone after great success of Moto G. This device has attractive functionalities in low price as 90 $. Nokia Lumia 520 is making sales count for Nokia from past year. At the launch of Nokia Lumia 520, it was the best option for audience to have a low budget smartphone with some cool features but after the entry of less priced smartphones in the market like Moto E, the buyers now have another option available for them to choose. Let’s figure out what these smartphones are giving to their audience.

  • Nokia Lumia 520


This smartphone is available in the market with Windows 8 operating system along with digital lenses. You can use Nokia Lumia 520 even with long nails and gloves due to the super sensitive touch screen included in the device. The Lumia 520 offers 1GB of RAM along with internal storage of 8GB.

  • Motorola Moto E


The Motorola Moto E comes with pure android version 4.4.2 and has 1.2 GHz dual core processors. The internal storage of the smartphone is 4GB and RAM is of 1GB. The device comes with larger screen with powerful battery.

  • Comparison b/w Motorola Moto E And Nokia Lumia 520
  • The major difference between both smartphones is the screen size. The Motorola Moto E has 4.3 inch large display but Nokia Lumia had 4.0 inch display. The resolution of Motorola E is much better as compared with Lumia.
  • There is 1GB RAM in Moto E for users to play some high-end games like Asphalt. But in Lumia 520, user has 512MB RAM which is not supportive to play some high-end games.
  • The internal memory in Moto E is 4GB with free space of 2.2 GB for user with restriction of moving apps to the SD card. But in Lumia 520, the internal memory is 8 GB and you can easily move any app to the external memory card.
  • When we talk about camera, you can record 720p video in Lumia 520 but in Moto E there is only 420p video recording available.
  • The battery of Moto E is more powerful as compared with Nokia Lumia 520. The Lumia has 1430mAh battery but Moto E has 1980mAh non-removable battery.
  • Moto E is dual SIM supportive but Lumia only support one SIM.
  • Conclusion

Moto E is beating Nokia Lumia 520 in many features as well as price, but the one which are more concerned about brand name can choose Nokia Lumia 520.